How to set up a solar panel, charge controller and battery – Free Electricity, Part 1

in this guide we're going to show you how to attach a 30 watt solar panel to a battery with the child controller so that's the panel and this little box here is the charge controller the charge controller will regulate the electricity from the solar panel to go into the backswing a solar panel will normally give out a voltage of between around 18 to 22 volts or to charge the battery we need around 14 to 15 volts so if the solar panel is connected directly into the battery and the reservist that the battery cover the heat or it will deteriorate the life of the battery in this application example we're going to show some solar panel Lighting's sort of creates a small LED light for the battery but first I'm just going to test the voltage output from the solar panel just to confirm everything's really okay so the voltage meter is set to measure DC voltage and that was showing about 23 volts output so that's okay for this type of panel now I'm going to first connect the charge controller to the load there's a connection hold on a charge controller where you should first connect up the load and this instant which is a light for a bad battery and then last connect up the solar panel and the reason for that is so the electricity from the solar panel has got somewhere to go after it goes through the charge controller so here to connect other lighting up first so a next one has got blue is the negative and brown is the positive in this type of cabling you the earth to the lighting is not required in this instance next really connect the charge controller up to the battery so they're a 80 meter cable they were crocodile clips on the end of it so the red goes the positive on the trash controller black goes to the negative on the charge controller black crocodile collector negative side of the battery and red crocodile clicks to the positive side of a battery now the light has come on straight away because the battery the light can be powered down after battery on this charge controller there's a switch that can turn the load on and off now we can connect the solar panel up to the charge controller luckily the solar panel is going to constantly be replenishing the battery with power during the daytime and if your battery storage is for lighting then you use the power from the battery at night so there I'm connecting the solar panel to the battery so we've got a red cable from the solar panel connects the positive on the charge controller and a black for the negative on the charge controller so now all the wires are connected up as their green light flashing on the charge controller which is saying that there is a solar panel input there's also a light lit up and the battery indicator in the middle if this light is little saying that the battery is already fully charged there's another light for partly discharged and then a discharge light now this charge was fully connected the solar panel will continuously keep topping up the charge in the battery for this is an ideal situation for lighting where the battery will stored power at night lighting to be used once the Sun has gone down this particular charge controller also has a USB output on it so you can connect up the USB leads this particular charge controller you need to turn on the load switch and it will then start charging a phone or an iPad so on this opponent may should see the phone is lit up and get charged and it's got charged and similar top

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