How to Open Circuit Test a Solar Panel (Voc & Isc)

way I have this set up like this is pretty sketchy alright but I need to be able to access this from the box so you can see I've got one lead coming off each side okay but please have your panel set up better than this okay so one goes to negative in the meter and one goes to positive now I have the meter set to ten apps which means it's basically going to dead short across the resistor inside okay so don't do it for very long and you'll have one side to hookup for your 10 amp channel on a decent multimeter and the other side you have hooked up when you're doing the voltage plug it in you can hear that spark okay so that's actually arcing a bit so you can see I got over seven and a half amps coming off this panel so I'll do that once again okay so you can see you don't want to hold out for too long now you switch back to your volts and you use the other side okay so I'm above 20 volts that's about what you'll get and there's a slight haze in the sky right now so it's good son but it's not ultimate son and you pretty much need ultimate son to see over eight amps I mean it happens and it'll happen in the winter too okay because in the winter you get snow bouncing it up so that's that's your open circuit testing of a panel and that's what you want to do immediately in the Sun as soon as you purchase a panel as your first test now I get all kinds of arguments when I make videos like this oh well that's that's no load and that's correct there's no load it's an open circuit test it's an initial test if your numbers are wrong and way out on your open circuit test then you know something is wrong with that panel you're not testing the panel rigorously to its specs you're just testing the panel to see if there's something drastically wrong like for example a broken solder connection where you're only getting 16 volts out of a panel and bright Sun then you know that there's something drastically wrong with that battle and you know you certainly need to take that up with the vendor in in the case of my customers with me immediately and this is the kind of test you want to do immediately as soon as you get to any solar panel

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