How To Make Solar Panels With Earth4Energy DIY Solar Panels Guide

Hey, everyone this Micheal with Earth4Energy. You might have referred to a site by a friend
or maybe you stumbled across us in your search for creative ways to save money or even how
make homemade solar panels. No matter which one it was, you're in a right
place. Now this video is gonna be approximately 15
minutes in length, but if you stick around to the end I can promise you these 3 things;
First, I'll show you simple strategies you can use today to begin saving money on your
utility bills. Second, You'll see exactly how I took a $237
utility bill all the way down to zero. And finally, you'll come face to face with
the opportunity to turn your electric bill into a paycheck.

That's right, I said paycheck. Just think, What would it be like to receive
a check instead of a bill from the electric company each and every month? So, if you have a 12 month investment is worth
everything that I've just mentioned, this video is for you. Ok, so how did all this begin? I'm a 41 year old engineer and I never thought
I find myself into the internet to teach people how they can save or even make money with
their utilities. But, like most things in life, one thing leads
to another and we find ourselves in a place we have never imagined. So, even though this video was quite recent,
my story actually began a few years ago when my company downsized and I found myself without
a job. Thankfully, my wife and I had about $7000
in savings but with a mortgage to pay and plenty of bills, I knew that money wouldn't
last very long, so I need to find something quick. I'm a firm believer in networking, so I put
the word out to every other engineer I knew, along with contacting as many companies I
could in LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, my wife began finding creative
ways to cut costs, so that went the cable, fitness club, frequent restaurant visits,
even the netfilx subscription, and that one hurt the most. We soon realized, though, there's only so
much to cut out in our budget before there's nothing left to cut. We needed income. It was about this time, I got a call from
a cousin that said he can get me a job installing solar panels. By this point, I wasn't picky and I figured
I could still probably look for something in a meanwhile, so I took the job. Heck, money is money, right? So there I am in the middle of summer installing
solar panels when the thought hit me. I wonder what strategies I can implement today
besides turning off the lights, to start saving more money on my utilties. I did my research and find way too much information
online, but finally was able to boiled it down to these items. First, install a programmable thermostat. The cost is about $50 but will save you about
20 percent on your heating and cooling bill.

It's a great investment, it's something that
everyone should and must implement. Second, lower your water heater temperature
from 140 Fahrenheit to 120 Fahrenheit. It's a small change, but this small change
can reduce your water heating bill by 10 percent. The only time I don't recommend this is if
you use a dishwasher without a temperature booster. Third, set the washing temperature, instead
of using hot to cold or warm. Now, if you're apprehensive about this regards
on some observation, I suggest you try doing it first and see how things come out.

You gonna find there's really not much of
a difference, whatsoever. Next, keep your feezer full. If you've got empty space in your freezer,
you're working your refrigerator harder than it should. Now, this doesn't mean you have to go and
buy more food though, simply take a few 2 liter bottles, obviously empty, and fill them
with water about two-thirds. Once they freeze, put the caps back on. What this is gonna do is help fill your freezer,
and besides helping it run more efficiently, there is also an additional benefit of keeping
food from spoiling in the event of power outage. Along with the fact that, it never hurts to
have extra emergency water. Next, use lamps everywhere at your workspace,
you desk, tool benches, etc. The last thing you wanna be doing is using
light to lit the entire room when you're working only one spot. And, finally, shut off the screensavers. Any screensaver that shows an image does not
save energy, it actually takes energy.

So, make sure you put your computer to sleep
or just turn it off if you're not going to be using it fo a while. These are the exact strategies my wife and
I began implementing years ago to save money and still use them to this day. But saving several hundred dollars a year
wasn't enough for me. I wanted more, and that's when I have the
second idea. I wonder how much it would cost to get completely
off the grid? I figured I could work out a deal with the
solar company I was working for and finance the panels through as well as install them
myself… I mean how expensive could this really be? Well, I was shocked. Did you know a basic solar panel installation
and panels can cost over $20,000? Not exactly and easy purchase, right? I mean we're practically talking about the
price of a car, and the savings don't begin to kick-in until years from now.

But that's where it finally dawned on me. The answer had literally been staring in the
face. I'm an engineer. What's stopping me from building my own panels? I have 10 years of experience on my belt,
I'm sure I can figure something out, so I went to work. I decided to start with a small goal of generating
enough energy to save just $50 a month. So, with a couple of weeks of research, and
help of a few of my fellow engineers, I realized everything I needed to harness the free and
abundant energy of the sun could be found at my local hardware store and online, and
could be built and installed in a single weekend.

That's right, a single weekend. With such a small investment to get started,
I've made a no-brainer decision to purchase the supplies and get to work. I'll never forget, it was late Sunday evening
when I put the final touches on my first solar panels, cross my fingers, put them up, and
was ready to see what's happen next. Well over the next 2 months a few amazing
things happen; Month 1, I cut my energy bills by $62. $62 that was above and beyond my orginal goal. I was already beginning to see why people
are willing to pay so much just to switch to solar.

This was all the proof I need to see that
this stuff actually works. The second thing is that my Month 3, I was
able to take an average bill of $237 all the way down to (get this) zero… That's right zero! Yes, I know you're asking yourself, did I
really just take a $237 a month bill down to zero with this simple do it yourself solar
system? I got to tell you, just see this now still
gets me excited. I mean think about it, imagine your monthly
electric bill as an extra paycheck instead of a cost.

What would you do with it? Would you save it, invest it, put it towards
a child's college fund, or what about those credit cards? Did you realized depositing an extra $50 a
month into your credit card payment can save you 6 years on a $5,000 credit card where
all the memo not paying paid? Well, that's what I was doing. Well, once that worked out I was officially
living off the grid, and was saving hundreds each and every month I was quickly bombarded
with questions and comments from friends and families such as; Is this legal? Is it dangerous? I bet that was expensive! Common Mike, you're an engineer, I don't have
a technical background so there's no way I can do that.

And my favorite, well…what happens no sun
or it rains? Even though I can't help but smile as I hear
myself mentioning these questions. I mean frankly, this is exactly how I felt
when I was first exploring the idea of solar. Well, it didn't take long for same skeptical
friends and family to begin asking a new question; Can you teach me to do the same? My answer, of course! I began inviting friends and neighbors over
to my home on Saturday afternoons so I could show them exactly what to buy and how to build
their first energy-producing panel. Nothing is more rewarding than watching skeptics
transformed into raving fans overnight. Now, it didn't take long until my Saturday
classes quicly spilled over into Sunday. And, soon enough I was sharing this valuable
information to new folks almost every night of the week, and that's still wasn't enough…people
wanted more. I quickly began to realized there was only
one of me.

So, how in the world was I going to keep up
with the increasing demand? The only way to start spreading the energy-saving
solar possible was to figure a way to duplicate myself over and over. That thing said, I went straight to work and
put together the most complete and comprehensive training on saving money from do it yourself
solar panel system, so that anyone without any experience or knowledge on the subject
whatsoever could do this. Intoducing Earth4Energy.

Your complete guide to saving money and going
green. This is a jam-packed training full of everything
you need to get started immediately on reducing your bill and quickly becoming energy-indpendent
with solar panels. Here's a quick overview of what you'll get…now
before we get started on building your first panel, you're going to receive a high-quality
solar education. I invested a good amount money to produce
7 professional videos which will give you a strong foundation into how solar works. This series alone is approximately 2 hours
in length and is instrumental for your introduction to solar.

In the first section of the training series,
I'll be introducing you to solar basics. How solar is generated, how it is captured,
and finally, how it is channeled into your home to power all of our electrical needs. In section 2, you'll be given an amazing step-by-step
process to build your first panel for under $100. You're gonna be amazed on how fun and easy
this will be. Section 3 consist of 3 resources to assist
you in creating a customized solar strategy for your home. The solar calculator, this specically designed
calculator will show you exactly how many panels are needed to power your home, and
what size battery bank you'll need to get off the grid completely. Now, if none of these make sense right now,
don't worry, it will. Installation, learn how to properly install
your solar panels like the pros. This lesson alone is worth hundreds, trust
me. Electrical wiring plans, the plans will help
you safely connect your solar panels and start feeding the energy to a storage battery.

Once again, trust me…if this make no sense
at all, it soon will. With everything you're getting here today,
it's easy to see just how possible it is to get up and running with your very own money-saving
solar panels in little time. Here are a few of the hundreds of emails I
get from happy users who have gone solar and leveraged the Earth4Energy system. Hi Michael, Thanks for this terrific product. I love the video instructions. It really makes the project much easier. I have completed 2 panels and currently on
my third. The solar calculators say this covers 40 percent
of my power bill saving me about $80 a month. Hey Earth4Energy guys, Today I finished my
first panel using an alloy frame and Perspex backing. This is a much better quality panel than I
expected. Some guides tell you to make a wooden frame
but I don't think this would last too long.

I'm glad you use Perspex and alloy. This is a top quality panel. Now once again, this may not make sense to
you right now, but it soon will. And finally…Hello, Thanks for providing
a top quality guide. I was worried it would be too hard for me
to follow, but you've really made this for newbies. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Earth4Energy
to my friends. Sarah Cale These are just a few of the hundreds of emails
I get all the time from over 100 thousand happy people in over 22 different countries.

And, with all the success stories that continue
to pile in, you're starting to see just how possible it is for you to make the switch
to solar. So by now, I can imagine you might be asking. Ok Michael, how much is the investment for
the Earth4Energy sysem? You already know that switching to solar is
going to dramatically reduce your electric bill and save you a ton of money each and
every month. And, you also know that by doing it yourself,
you're saving $10,000 to $20,000 or more than if you had someone else do it for you. So, how much it is worth for you to save $50,
$100 or even $150 a month for the rest of your life and put that towards something you've
always wanted? Well, even though I've spent thousands of
dollars myself and countless weeks to uncover exactly…

What to buy, where to get it, where
to get the best prices, and how to make it work for you as easily as possible, you won't
even have to pay a fraction of that. In fact, I'm on a mission to get this powerful
life-changing information into as many hands as possible. Which is why you can get instant access to
the entire earth4energy system, including the PDFs, training videos and much, much more
for 1 easy payment of $47. That's right, like I said, there's no catch. It's not too good to be true, I just want
this to be a no-brainer for you.

And the best part is, you'll get instant access
to everything, the PDFs, the plans, and the detailed training videos instantly as a digital
download in just seconds from now. That means you can start going through the
entire training and take action now. And, as an added bonus, I'm going to ship
everything to you straight on a CD. That way, you can keep all these files safe
and have them with you in a moment's notice. But, hold on… I have something else special I wanna share
with you. Because so many of my customers are looking
for additional ways to save money and do their part for the environment, I decided to introduce
my complete wind turbine training program for free. This insider information on how to generate
energy from wind easily sells for $60.

But it probably hard to understand and extremely
expensive to create. That's why I decided to simplify things, make
them into an easy to follow guide, that will allow you to build your first wind turbine
for under $100 from parts at your local hardware store. Once again, this is my free gift to you. You don't need to make the wind turbine, but
if you'd like to, it's there. So, to recap today… you're getting access
to the entire Earth4Energy solar panel, do it yourself training, and your 2 bonuses for
just 1 simple payment of $47. $50 is all it takes to get started with your
own money-saving solar panels. So, go ahead and click the button below this
video to get access now. So, to get instant access simply take action
by clicking add to cart button below this video now. Do this to get started. Now, remember, you have 2 options, You can
leave this site and continue to overpay on your electric bill each and every month.

Or, you can choose to take the first step
towards energy independence and join over 100 thousand others benefiting from the monthly
savings of energy-efficient solar panels. The choice is yours. Now remember, ignorance is bliss but it also
quite expensive. Click on the link below to get started, and
I'll see you on the next page. Now, here's the thing, I have complete confidence
that the quality and results of this course are so outstanding, that I'm extending a 60-day,
no questions asked, money back guarantee. That place all the risks on our shoulders,
but frankly I don't really considers it a risk, it's just make good business sense. And with that said, my overall goal is to

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