hello my names Mel welcome to my world
for those of you that are new to my channel I'm currently turning this
Mercedes Sprinter into an off-grid go anywhere sleep anywhere kind of stealthy
camper van so if that's something that interests you then please do
consider subscribing to my channel now today I'm going to be fitting my solar
panel but I'm not you're thinking there's hundreds of solar panel videos
on YouTube but I can guarantee none of them are quite like this now you might
think that's a bit of a bold statement but if you are regular view to my
the channel you'll know that I fitted uni strut rails to the roof of my van
well I very first got here I'll use that you nice truck down each side of the van
and Conan made it into a roof rack and this video it's all going to come
together and you'll see exactly why I fitted that you nice truck rail but if
you haven't seen that video then I'll put a link up here a little thing should
slide across your screen now that's a link to that very very first video and
it'll kind of make more sense if you watch that video first so anyway let's
get me silo panel out of box light down fix some brackets and I'll show exactly
how this is all going to come together well I was getting the solar panel I had
the box and dark clouds come over so I kind of rushed annexed I'd be old sun's
coming in anyway nevertheless I can still kind of explain as he's gonna go
let me start by showing you some unis struck this is what I've got bolted some
our roof this is just an off cut that's been kicking around and this is a uni
strut nut and bolt really clever idea really simple and really clever and you
know I say keep it simple keep it safe that's exactly what this stuff does
right so uni Stratos is angled and I'll get like that so you see and this is a
uni strut nut now these are designed you can see they've got curved curved off
corners on one very sharp corner one curved off and this is for a reason so
that when you put I should have danced about a washer when you put the nut
inside the rail you can turn it and then it fits like this
can you see how that works so that goes in turns and it clamps down once you
screw that there and that's going nowhere and it's also got these little
serrated edges as well and now that helps all grip
together so that's why I use this because this uni strut stuff you can buy
an array of brackets L brackets 45 degrees 90 degrees all sorts of weird
and wonderful brackets shooting by for this stuff it's really is universal so
that's why I chose to put this on the roof of my vein and because it did start
looking like it was gonna run I've already fitted they are L brackets some
more side Latonya bring it down a little bit so you see exactly what I've done so this is the age of my solar panel
these are my L brackets now these are zinc plated they are for roofing beams
I've got these from Lukas's they're not part of the you nice truck brain
although you nice truck do do something similar but nevertheless I've got these
from wix's they are for yeah like I say roofing beams and stuff so they're zinc
play it so they might rust and the bumps I'm using the incidentally a
chrome-plated as well so they won't rust and likewise with the washers you have
to think about rust when you're putting stuff on the roof right fuck this up see
it's simply an L bracket screwed no I trim a bit off right I cut it off would
be a jigsaw it's so easy to cut it stops quite soft and cut the self temperatures
very straight through the side like that so they're in the old brackets now back
to me nut so before I put this on the roof I'm simply gonna place these food
there pre install it like this trust me this is all going to make sense so pre-installed these four that's one
in each corner now when I put it up on the roof
fingers crossed I've got my measurements right and this will simply come down and
slide into my units truck I then twist it and it will hold itself in place it's
as simple as that but they're not simply just do this nut up and it will clamp
into place and the other good thing is it's easy to remove as well it's not no
poachers nice embarrassing women because the good finger pipe is he's they're
easy to put on it raise it to get off as well maybe they're easy getting off part
isn't such a good thing but it's so high up right now before there's one other
job on it though before I put these panel on the roof let's put some soft
felt pads underneath because if my measurements are correct this is going
to be quite close to the roof of my vein and I don't have run the risk of it
vibrating and touching the roof and then causing any paint to wear away and must
to occur so good felt pads on each corner to do that I'll make a flip over but I've been up on the roof in another
look and got a straight edge I didn't film it there's a massive big black
player there so gotta be as quick as I can the only place where it looks like
this panel can actually touch the roof is there's a big dome bit in the middle
of the roof that stains up and it's gonna be this corner here that if you
have if anywhere it's gonna be closer if we're here so I'm simply gonna stick
some of these felt pads on that corner just to make sure it doesn't rub the
metal to metal rubbing its gonna wear the claim away I really don't
so I'm just gonna put some of these on here think it was just cool no yeah just a
couple of these and that is purely just to make sure
because ya bought more calculations and you know that Farah Ryan it should
should work well right so let's get up on the roof get this bad boy in there
before it starts to right see how do you like this video give me a
thumbs up just square it up is rewires pre-installed everything got it already I'd say we're plugged easy now easy yeah well they do now is attach some
cable ties for that so I told you this was gonna be easy didn't mind those nuts
up Oh put me wretch it right way around yes all I'm doing is lining that nut up and
just turning it around and locking it into place just holding it with one
finger now what I've got to do is put a couple of cones ice through these times
you know way now this is just a stop I'm wrapping around I'll watch the cables a
flap around in the wind doing albemarle now down a mite all they really really
do I was 60 just a legal limit you know done and that is the quickest solar
panel install saw so either no paper no statement but that is a really quick
simple solar panel install right now now I know I will get asked where I got the
solar panel from so I will put a link in the description of this video
well got a solar panel from any uni strap and all that good stuff
forget off the roof this is why I put those felt pay to do as you can see it's
very very close and it doesn't quite touch but I didn't want to run the risk
of that rubbing and wearing a paint away and causing any rust to develop on the
roof yes that's why I did that so some of you might be thinking more I'll put
my sign a panel to one side then I'll just put his strike down this way it was
a matter of fact the measurements for this solar panel
will actually fit perfectly across this way but the reason I've done it
lengthwise is because I want to save this space on the roof for something
else after down the side of the panel this is
a hundred and sixty watt panel my fing that'd be plenty for what I need so if
you like if you go please do give me the thumbs up and don't forget if you are
new to my channel please do consider subscribing and by subscribing to my
channel my fate of ket and I've got to and hit both hungry thanks for watching
I'll see you next time Tata for now

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