How To Build An Aluminum Frame Solar Panel – Part 1/3

hey guys and ladies in this video I'm probably doing a video that most you guys requested that I do and that's a video on how to build a solar panel with a luna frame now in this video I mostly just provided information and resources on how to go about building a solar panel with the aluminum frame and later on in the video I'm gonna explain why I'm not exactly building a solar panel from scratch completely and let me just go ahead and say in advance I am kind of sorry about the background noise if you ever hit some emblems or something going down the street but I think if you're doing a solar video or should it be doing outside but in a way when I was going about building the solar panel with a lunar frame my goal was to achieve one that looks similar to this now I know what kind of really just get one exactly like this because the guys who built this of course had professional equipment to do it so I was still trying to get one that looks so much similar it was like really my goal to like come up with something very similar to this so what I did was I went on forms of course asking people how to go about building this I went on Google again trying to find out information and pictures and articles on how to build a solar pond with aluminum frame and it was so hard again to find that information on how to do it so I was on the verge of just giving up to completely guys I because it was just so hard to find information in really I could have engineered it myself but again I don't have that experience yet with dealing with metal and it'll welding and stuff like that so I was really kind of kind of stuck with this or I really was kind of holding off from it until I actually learned a little bit more about how to deal with metal and stuff like that because everything else already already had the knowledge on how to deal with like you know building the solar cells soldering them together and everything using the type of glass so the rest of it is pretty easy once I get the frame of the way so I was I kept looking I was looking on ebay couldn't find a frame I did find some friends that weren't China but that was fairly large and really I didn't know how to put them together it didn't really come within its construction it's kind of like you should already know that so again I was kind of a virgin just giving up but a youtuber actually contacted me a bear are you son and I believe the name is I put put the link in the description they also have some interesting videos so I definitely recommend checking them out but they had contacted me and showed me a video of a guy named Mark who was providing information and I mean the information of the process on how to build a solar panel with aluminum frame and the great thing about what Mark was doing is he actually makes the frames so it's kind of like I wish I had seen this video pride when started you know building my first solar panel because this process that he used was so easy and so simple and in a way I'm really I'm just really dedicating this video mostly to mark because he provides the solar frame what you're going to need and he just provides the information and a great easy guide about how to build one so really for just use on my videos for some of the minor details and you look at his video should have everything that you need so it's really just two resources here that you need but in a way I contacted mark after looking at his videos I was telling him what I wanted to do telling them that I wanted to create a video showing you guys how to build one from scratch and I needed a small prototype because I wanted to start small before I went large mostly because of price reasons so he had Pete he was nice enough to up just downsize it to the size that I needed and he just charged me like $20 for it which was a great price but I believe for one like the size of the first little comment that I made the head like 36 evergreen solar cells he says those friends for about $30 or 30 to $40 I can't really remember but it's fairly cheap for the frames well so that was great if you feel like me don't really have their building experience and experience dealing with so after getting my friend I really haven't did the research as far as the price for the materials I knew what I needed but I didn't know the price of the materials so once I found that out I was kind of like well I don't know if I want to do this anymore I had the frame but I didn't really know how when to buy the rest of materials because the price for a professionally made solar panel so let me just go ahead and point out some of the prices and the materials that you needs a good solar panel and then just explain why I didn't really want to go that route after finding out the information so first you need the frame and I got there for like 20 dollars I'm just going to use my example for my my cell opponent that I knew so I just needed the the frame which cost me twenty dollars the end of solar cells I wanted to build one that could actually charge the car better so I needed 18 volts so I need 36 solar cells but of course the size of my frame that I was using was fairly small so I was going to use smaller solar cells so eBay didn't really have them they must just supply these evergreen solar cells or those was too big so I had to find another source so again I was back in that research and step so I eventually found the resource that provided the smaller solar cells and they was selling us for 36 for about $54 so that's like 20 tack-on 54 and then the key element or the key solution that you need that I found from looking at marks videos the slag art which is some great materials but it's very expensive and that's really what kind of made me like think that I really don't want to do this anymore I really don't want to waste that much money building one when I can buy a professional made one for a lot less and the reason why I say that is because I'm not probably going to be building more solar panels from scratch I really about them I already made and the main reason I tried to learn about solar energy is so I could have that experience and that knowledge about how it all worked and if I ever wanted to provide solar energy to some type of device or object I maybe build it I know how to do that so that's my main reason for like learning how to do this but if I'm trying to like power other things with solar energy our publishers of about when I already made it is fun but it does take a lot of patience if you do do it yourself but in a way again the slag guard average that costs about $50 and that's again that's what really kind of just turned me away from this whole thing because I'm already paying fifty four dollars for the solar cells and then I have to pay for the slag our which on average costs $50 and he couldn't buy it or I couldn't find it in smaller quantities for a lot less so after that I was still looking at you know I still possibly may build it even though I may be wasting because I would didn't want to show you guys how to build it so many you guys requested this video but I still needed that so I kept looking and I wanted to help some type of back sheeting for it so I was looking at at law which I could get off eBay for about $10 for the size of my solar cell I'm in my solar panel and I wanted to have a junction box and it was going to cost an average probably like 10 to 15 dollars for my size on my solar panel game you don't have to use one but again my goal is to try to come up with something similar to this solar panel and what else I needed was some silicon there was some cost probably on average three dollars and of course I might need some copper wire or something like that and you need a blocking diode and you know if you don't even have the bus one-in-seven where you're going to need that as well but I already had some of this stuff on hand and oh what I forgot is neat the actual glass for and that was another problem that I ran into was in my area solar solar energy isn't really that popular I mean we do have solar panels if you go down the interstate you will see some lights or something powered by solar needs but it's not really there many glass shops around here that sell the type of glass that I was looking for which is transparent low iron type glass I didn't really want to use that place of glass again in this one I really wanted to kind of give it again that professional look but I was kind of like I might just go ahead and do the Plexiglas even though I didn't want to and I actually contacted mark to see if he could actually provide the glass but it was kind of expensive on his end as well so again that was something else that kind of made me just not really want to do it but again there's something to look into but and again you need to transparent and some glass with long iron so looking at that although that came up to a total close to like $40 $140 I'm sorry $140 to $150 now the show you this again this panel here professionally made cause just guess how much is probably cost this one here cost only $40 on eBay so I'm comparing this one with one that I have to build myself and that's a huge difference and that's really the main reason I didn't want to go about building one after well I mean it's like a hundred dollars I pay extra just to build it myself but again I really I really did want to just show you guys how to build one from scratch since so many people really like my first video I really did want to do this but I just figured it'll be really useful for you guys to know why it didn't want it better so you have two sides if you really want to go to go this route or not but in a way what I do want to show you how to do is how to actually assemble marks frame that he actually provided for me you

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