How Tesla Solar Transforms Our Roof

(upbeat music) – Okay, week two. This is November 10th. It's actually a Tuesday. We only started today
because there was rain over the weekend and the
Tesla crew had to wait it out but they got here and
it's a lot of people. As usual, I will document
the entire process of them installing this. Right now they're on the roof. They secured the safety lines, and what's happening today is they're installing the Powerwalls. – [Sven] Try and make it
pretty, there're so many boxes. – We'll do our best. Try to keep it nice and square and neat. – [Sven] Nice. – This one here is your main panel. It's showing the solar disconnect.

– [Sven] Right. And the meter that's going on the side of the wall right here. They're showing our automatic
relay and our load center going by the main panel here. – [Sven] Okay. – And then over by those two windows are the two Powerwalls,
three DC disconnects, the inverter and the AC disconnects for each individual Powerwall. So that's gonna be over on that wall. – [Sven] How long do you think is your part gonna take, you think? – So it'll be today. Probably will be here until about anywhere between three and six o'clock. – [Sven] Okay and then it's
a totally different crew that does the tile laying. – Yeah that's the solar roof crew. – [Sven] Awesome thank you so much. – All right, so we'll get started. (upbeat music) – Right there, perfect. – So far what they've done is installed the flashing
on all the corners and some metal rails on the roof.

They're waiting on the tiles. I spoke to one of the
crew members and he said that the tiles were
supposed to arrive yesterday in the afternoon and they
haven't shown up yet. So hopefully that's not
gonna set them back. The other crew, they are right
now installing the Powerwall and installing a sub
panel for the electric. (drilling sounds) – This is a 200-Amp-rated sub panel. – [Sven] Yeah. – But it's still interconnected
with the utility company. – [Sven] And then what's this? – That's the automatic relay switch. So that'll separate you
from the utility company in the event of a blackout.

It also houses the… pretty
much the operating system for the Power walls. – [Sven] Cool. – I'll walk you through everything at the end of the install,
kinda give you an idea. – Okay, today is day five of the install. It's a Wednesday. Crew is there. They are waiting still on the tile. Maybe, a little bit of a concern that it's gonna take longer. It's still busy working on
all the flashing and ridges. They installed some metal rails of sorts. The other crew that was
installing the Powerwall, it's all done. Yesterday, I could see in my app that the batteries already showed up. They are right now not
connected to the grid or they're not charging
but they are online. I can see them. I'm gonna have to go work some. Hopefully by the time I come
back we'll see some tiles. (upbeat music) – How you doing? – [Sven] Good, how are you? Do you think you'll be
done with the tiles today? – Definitely not today.

My projected time for the deadline is gonna be closer Tuesday probably. The tile moves pretty fast. You know we started laying
them down after lunch when the delivery arrived yesterday. So we only worked for about three hours. So it will start going fast
if you have extra guys onsite. But I think when it
comes down to detail work like metal custom fabrications that's what tends to take
a little extra long, so. – [Sven] Yeah, I spoke
to somebody in the crew about the venting. We have a whole house fan. So we're actually pushing a
lot of air into the attic.

So we need a lot of venting. If we don't have enough
venting the air will come back into the house through the chimney. – Oh, wow. – [Sven] And it will blow the ashes. – Yeah we have the entire ridge vented. – [Sven] Okay. – Right now its covered. So if you're experiencing that already, it's because the
underlayment is covering it, cause you know we had the rain last week. – [Sven] Yeah. – But it's certainly getting
vented before we covered it up. – [Sven] Okay great. When you're done maybe we'll
just run a quick test just to make sure that it's. – Okay. – [Sven] That it's enough venting. – And I don't know if you discussed this with the subcontractors and we noticed it there may have been a remodel
at some point of the house. – [Sven] Yeah. It's on the South End where hip extends to the back portion of the house, it looks like that's
part of the extension. – [Sven] Okay. – And just giving you a heads-up because it's not level and
it's pretty significant.

It kinda goes flat and
then gradually declines. You may see is a bit of an inconsistency, based of the stagger of the way the tiles are
installed and the footing. – [Sven] Okay. – And that's just solely off
the way the home is built. Just a heads-up. And that's something
that's just completely out of our control. – Yeah. Now I know what those rails,
those metal rails are for, that's to store the tiles
before they install them. Really smart way because that means less storage space required on the ground and then also at night it's safe because nobody can steal it. The crew's been super nice every time like I walk onto to the premise, they're like, "hold the work"
and everybody stops working. It's nice because they're keeping it safe. At the same time, you kinda feel like, oh, I don't want to impede on them so I'm gonna stay inside more.

The other thing is they're
all parking on the street here and now the street is really busy. And yesterday we had trash day, so. The trash, some of the
cans weren't picked up because the cars were parked
too close to the trash cans. They noticed that. And then they made sure that all those trash cans got emptied. So they took the trash
so that all the neighbors are not upset because
there's construction here. (birds chirping) – [Worker] You're good? – [Sven] Good, how are you? – [Worker] Doing well, thank you. – [Sven] Is this the inverter box or what is this box here? – Yup, that's the inverter. And it has a means of rapid
shutdown for DC disconnect. They actually required you
to have a DC disconnect for each string. Its a lot of equipment
but the AHJ requires it. – [Sven] Is this for me
if something happens, I can go here and pull them or? – You, however, the fastest
means you have two methods. If you want to just
disconnect the DC side, there's a red switch on
the bottom of the inverter.

– [Sven] This one right here. – Yup, you can turn that
and that would shut it off just in a second. – [Sven] Okay, very cool. – How are you liking it so far? – [Sven] I love it. I was a little worried
about all these boxes but there is some beauty to it. – Yeah. – [Sven] I love that it
says Tesla on that box. – Yeah, that's our new gateway 2. Before the relay switch
looked similar to the one beneath it. – [Sven] Yeah. – Which is the load center but
yeah, they just updated it. – [Sven] And what does
this do, relay what? – So it pretty much
communicates with the app. So anytime there's a- – [Sven] Oh, okay. – Shut down it's pretty
much like the brain for the Powerwall. It'll automatically trigger the batteries and then start that. And you wouldn't even
know that power shut off. – [Sven] That's awesome. I already saw it on the
app show up, it's cool. – Oh yeah. By the end today you should
be able to turn it on and see.

I mean obviously you
don't wanna turn it on until you have permission to operate but it should be up and running for today. It should be. – [Sven] Oh really? So are you saying the
panels are already feeding through the system? – It's not feeding so
you need a communication from the inverter and before it produces. – [Sven] Okay. – So right now it's kind of
just like laying dormant. – [Sven] Okay. – But yeah, we should get most
of the electrical done today from on the ground.

– Cool. (upbeat music) All right, today is
Friday, November the 13th. Looking really good. There's still a bunch of roof sites that need some tiles on there. Today is the last day of the week and then I'll come back on Monday to… Hopefully just a couple more days. If you're thinking about going solar, feel free to use my referral code, because it'll get you $250 off the system. Or if you're thinking
about getting a Tesla car, it will also get you 1000
free supercharging miles. Plus I think we both are eligible
for drawing of a Roadster.

(screaming) Model Y, and some Powerwalls. Until next time. Thanks for watching and keep things sunny..

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