How Our USB Portable Solar Panel System Works – Off-Grid Living

hey everyone matt here from explaining alternatives in this video we're going to talk about our 14 watt portable solar panel and this little battery pack that can be plugged into it we bought a 300 watt solar system last year for a camper van from renergie and we really like it but we're not always in our camper van so we needed something a little bit smaller that we could travel with so we reached out to our energy and they sent us these to try and now we're going to give you a full review so the overall quality of this little panel is actually very good it's nice also the only weighs 1.8 pounds so it can easily go in my backpack if I'm traveling it's made of this waterproof PVC material it seems to be very solidly sewn everywhere and the actual panels are made of this hard plastic that seems to be pretty tough we haven't scratched it yet or anything and there's a little pouch here where you can put your your USB cords this here is the little voltage controller and that's where you have your two USB ports so you can plug two things in at the same time as you can see it also has a bunch of little loops all around it so you can hang it in all sorts of different ways with rope or carabiners so this thing is made to plug in anything that is charged with USB cables anything that's 5 volts so digital camera mp3 player phone tablets maybe a USB flash light stuff like that so you can't charge a laptop or anything you can use only the solar panel alone you can plug one or two USB devices you put this outside you let it charge during the day and your your devices are charged you can also use a battery pack like this so you can charge the battery pack during the day and then use the battery pack to charge your electronics later at night indoors or wherever it's more convenient as you can see here you can also charge the battery pack as well as a USB device at the same time there is one thing to mention about the battery pack it's a little strange there's no buttons on it or anything so when we got it we didn't really know how to turn it on you just shake it once and it gives you the LCD display to tell you how much you have left and if it's charging it's flashing and after a few seconds if you're not using it it turns off on its own not to waste any power so now on to the test portion of the video these tests are not very scientific but they are still very telling so the first test we did is we went out on a really bright sunny day and in in this scenario it charged everything pretty much as advertised and we're really satisfied with the performance under those conditions so after that we thought it'd be really interesting to try and see if it works indoors so see if we could get a charge through a window through glass that would be interesting because you could use it through a car window and you could also hang it from a window in an apartment or in a house and just use it year-round so on a sunny day we just laid it down on the bed it's about six to seven feet away from the window and as you can see I'm getting a nice charge here it's obviously not like being outside in the full Sun but it's nice to know that we're still getting some energy even though it's going through glass so the last and most important test was to do it on an awful gray day so here it's the middle of winter we picked the greatest of grey days I laid it down on a chair in this case it was raining a little bit so I just put the battery pack and wrapped the the controller from the solar panel in a plastic bag just to make sure that water didn't get on that it was out for a few hours and I was really surprised to see that I got an extra 10% on the battery pack so I think that's pretty amazing considering there's very little light so we're really happy with this it performs really well and we're going to use it a lot I hope it lasts us a really long time for anyone interest we're going to put links below but this is the 14 watt eflags portable solar panel from renergie and this is the drifter 10,000 milliamp battery bank so thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to see more like this you

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