How much does it cost to buy a solar power and solar battery system for a home in Australia?

– The cost for residential
battery really varies, there's varying quality of products. So consumers do need
to be careful I guess, what they're jumping into. Prices will vary for a standard system around the 10 kilowatt-hour
anywhere from $14,000 to $6,000, but that varies in quality. (music) The most common solar system on the market would be a five kilowatt inverter, with 6.5 or 6.6 kilowatts of
solar panels connected to it. The most common battery
system for a residential home would be around that 10
kilowatt-hour kind of mark, that's the most suitable
size for most homes. But like everything, everyone
has different conditions and energy use profiles. The complete new system, so that'd be solar and a battery together, so maybe a five kilowatt
inverter, a 6.6 kilowatt PV array and around a 10 kilowatt hour battery, you'd be expecting to pay
around that $15-16K, $17,000 for a quality system.

If you're just looking
to retrofit a battery and around a 10 kilowatt-hour system, that's probably more around
the $8K to the $12,000 mark, depending on what battery you choose. If you have an existing PV system, yes, there is the option to add an AC version of the battery, so it's an AC coupled. So that will basically hardwire directly into your switchboard, and any excess energy that would be exported from
your existing solar system will actually, before going to the grid, it'll be charging into your battery and then you can use that at night-time. For the average family, that's looking to invest in a battery or a solar plus storage system, I would recommend getting
as much advice as you can. Speaking to reputable companies that can give you a good energy
assessment of your property, and they'll be able to
stack up and let you know if it does make sense for you.

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