How I Lower my Electric Bill at Home to ZERO by Chief Engineer rodBAC ON

I decided to make this video Because I want to share with you one of my Do-it-Yourself projects To reduce my electricity bill I will share it because there are still people who still doesn't know or don't have much idea that electricity bill can be reduce actually, not only reduced because, since I finished this project of mine my electricity bill is now Zero So stay with me because I will show it to you why, for how many months now I got a zero electricty bill just caLL me rodBAC I'm Chief Engineer of a ship, I'm a Seaman I really love a do it yourself projects and what I will show you is one of my finished project and maybe you might like it, and will do the same because it's not only just my project for me it is also an investment to all my seafarer friends out there who is always asking for updates in this project of mine this is the update of my project I just made a video to also share with others as I said earlier My monthly electricity bill is already Zero for several months i na row and t I don't pay anything anymore if you want to know why it become Zero just finish this video, and I'm sure you'll get an idea with my appliances, you will be wondering how it happened that i got zero electric bill by the way, in our house I have two aircon two smart tv home theater system x-box console videoke player refrigerator CCTV system Rice Cooker, mcirowave oven electric iron, water heater computers, gadgets and for cooking we use a conduction cookers because we no longer use gas and one of my projects my remote control gate Maybe you were more surprised if I told you that aside of my electricity bill was zero the DU will have to pay me now DU or distribution utility Like Meralco, Veco, Cebeco and etc I belong to Cebeco Now I will show you the Cebeco website and i will log in to my billing account to show you my bills after I finish this project and as you can see on the right side of my bill records the ones that are highlighted in green you can see the Zero bills from July 2020 down to February 2020 aside from this zero monthly bills I will also show you one of my statement of account showing my funds to Cebeco as i have said aside of my zero bill I also have funds because I also exported electricity to Cebeco look at this and you can also see here my zero bill and this is also my statement of account with cebeco and as you can see in the meter reading there is import energy and export energy and you can also see below my fund from last month and at the very bottom is my zero bill ok what is an import energy and export energy import energy is what is paid for of each regular consumers every month and the export energy is the electricity sold to DU and in my case, I imported electricity but I also exported electricity to DU the question is, are regular consumers can export electricity, to DU and the answer is, yes and this is what I want to share with you my do it yourself project and this is my 5,280 watts solar power installation I install ed it myself I was just asking my brother to help me with the lifting because the panels are quite big I'm not an electrician but because I am a chief engineer on a ship and part of my job is electrical that's why I have electrical knowledge but even though I have a background in electrical I still attended training in solar installation watched tutorial videos on the internet do research and i started building small setup first before i installed my 5,280 watts setup let's go back why I have funds in DU? my solar is on Net Metering I applied it to DU and because of net metering I can now export electricity or sell electricity to DU like me, with solar installation the surplus of harvested electricity from solar I can export it to the grid and they will pay me the exported electricity that's why in my billing statement there is an import energy and export energy so the fee for my export will be deducted to my import or consumed electricity even if we are with solar we are still saving electricity so we can maximize our export every month like with our aircon usually we are using only one rarely the two air conditioners run at the same time same as well with ironing when ironing, we don't run the aircon and because the credit is even bigger in my export compared to the import or consumed that's why my bill is zero and also I have funds in DU and my funds will be credited for the next billing if still the export is bigger for the next month I'll get additional funds if the export is l ess then funds will be deducted or it's also possible that i will pay a little bit if you want additional idea about net metering because mine, i personally applied for it watch my video regarding net metering so you will know the application proccess and application requirements just click the link in the description if you want more ideas about solar installation just subscribe to my channel and hit the bell so you can be notified when I upload new videos I hope you learn something so others will get idea for the seafarers who are still on the ship always be careful and we will go home soon

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