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hi this is schwa with unbound solar i'm 
here today to tell you a little bit about   solar edge storage inverters and how 
they're used with the lg chem battery now i've put together a mock-up here that's got 
all of the equipment that you need to be able to   pull something like this together and i ended 
up having to squish it all in there to be able   to get it all into one shot so be sure that 
you check with your manufacturer's guidelines   and see if there are any other local codes that 
you need to follow other than that let's check   it out and see how these pieces go together i 
wanted to start over here at the main panel this   is going to be where power comes in from grid 
from your main panel you're going to be feeding   through an ac disconnect and into your store 
edge inverter this is where we bring the solar   power in and then it also integrates with several 
other pieces of equipment here it's connected to   the auto transformer it's also connected to this 
this is the meter box it's a communication gateway   that's inside of here it allows it to track power 
that's being produced and power that's being used   and here tucked between the storage inverter in 
the lg chem battery is our backed up load panel   it's also called a critical load subpanel and 
this is where we want to move our circuits over   from the main panel so that we have power to 
all of these loads if grid power goes down we   only have 5 000 watts of ac power available if the 
grid is down for our backed up loads so we'll have   to be kind of conscientious about what we decide 
to back up we've got some examples over here now   things that you would want to back up television 
is a good one this uses a few hundred watts that's   not that big of a deal we'll move that circuit 
over to our backed up load panel lights this   is another good one wanna have that we'll keep 
those on when the power goes down let's see hot   tub this probably isn't going to work a hot tub is 
going to pull more than 5 000 watts all by itself   air conditioning i know y'all really like it i do 
too you're probably not going to be able to back   that up either we need to focus on our smaller 
things a fridge we've got to keep our food cold   we also have things like a lamp this is extra 
lighting and then the last thing over here i would   want a backup would be the computer but keep in 
mind the lg chem batteries got a finite amount of   stored power in there once it gets to be the end 
of the day you only have the power that's stored   in there until the sun comes out the next day or 
until the utility power comes back up the point is   if you're running 5000 watts worth of loads on 
this thing and there's 10 kw in this battery   for the sake of discussion you're only going to be 
able to run it for about two hours the more things   you have on your critical load sub panel the less 
time you're going to be able to back it up i like   to tell people they say schwa how long is this 
battery gonna last me how much power is in there   and i'll say well it's like asking you you know 
how long you're gonna have a gallon of water it   depends on how quickly you drink it so you do 
want to try to back up some of your larger loads   let's see what that might take typically people 
will want to get in and back up their air   conditioning out of all of their larger loads and 
if you're using something smaller like a 5 6 700   watt air conditioning unit usually something less 
than a thousand watts and you're only using it for   a couple hours you're only cooling off one room or 
a small section of your house you might be able to   make this work but if you look over here there 
not much room in the subpanel it's kind of full that doesn't really fit though 
we're backing up a lot of things keep in mind we're not just working against the 
5 000 watt limitation we have on the inverter   but also about the stored power in the battery we 
only have the power that's being stored in here   so if this really is a critical load and 
you really need to make this work for you   you may have to get in and make some sacrifices there now if you really want to keep your air 
conditioner running and your fridge going you're   going to have to pump the brakes on some of these 
other things because you've only got a finite   amount of stored power in here until the sun comes 
back out we've looked at the overall topology of   the system and how the equipment goes together a 
little bit about what it can provide for us on a   backup perspective now let's take a look at the 
inside of the inverter and the battery so we can   get a good idea of the terminals and the wiring 
and some of the stuff we're working with there   the storage has got the terminals for your auto 
transformer you've got your ac input from grid   here's your ac output to your backed up load panel   your connection to your battery and then back here 
you've got all your connections for your solar   input i mocked this up so there's not actually 
a solar array feeding into it and then you've   got your communication wiring which goes out to 
your gateway and also goes over to your battery these units come with a digital display and the 
buttons inside where you can get in and manually   program the thing get it operating and see what 
it's doing from right in front of the inverter   all of the newer solar edge inverters 
use set app and they don't have a display   but we still have a handful of these models   that have got the digital display they've got 
the buttons and you can do everything you need   to do on site without a smartphone or a tablet 
thanks for taking the time to check out our video   on the solaredge storage inverter and the lg chem 
battery if you have any questions or concerns   feel free to reach out to us online or give us a 
call anytime this is josh rice have a great day you

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