Home-Made Solar Panel Setup at mdpub.com

here's my sixty watt solar panel it's early in the morning and it's just starting to pick up some power from the Sun give you a little walk around at the moment I'm just propping it up against a bin but I have plans to eventually have a tracking system for it I have to actually move it a few times a day to keep it in the Sun it's a few years old now that's still working like a champ I don't use it all the time that's one question a lot of people ask me is it out in the weather permanently no I only use it when I'm out here on my property we're for a week or two at a time and it's very dry very arid out here so it doesn't really get a lot of abuse from the weather in fact if I thought it was going to rain I'd probably take it under shelter so I think it could withstand a few brief showers but being made of wood it's not really designed to be out in the weather all the time I'm using an old extension cord to connect the solar panel to the charge controller which is over here there's a big write up on the website all about building the charge controller and why it's needed basically it's it's there to prevent the solar panel from overcharging the batteries and wrecking them and right now I'm using the solar panel and the charge controller to charge up these three gel cell batteries right here these are the three batteries I use to power my recirculating sluice what about gold prospecting here's here's part of the sluice back here and I depleted them pretty good out in the Bradshaw mountains doing some prospecting so they're getting recharged this bin underneath the charge controller is a the one that contains my main battery bank there are 14 of these gel cell batteries and boy that's a heavy bin let me tell you mm-hmm quite heavy but those 14 batteries when they're fully charged will provide me with though my miniscule power needs out here for a couple days so normally the charge controller is connected up to that but right now I'm just recharging these three batteries eventually I've only just arrived out here on my property my remote off-grid property out here I've only just arrived I've had a chance to set up the wind turbine yet that'll be going in next and then between the wind turbine and the solar panel I should have plenty of power while I'm out here for a week to run all my toys here's one of the inverters I use for providing AC power while I'm out here so that's part of my setup it's working pretty good the sun's out the window be blowing later this afternoon and I'll have plenty of juice

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