Here’s Something You Never Knew You Needed for Your Car – Solar Power

rev up your engines today since the sun is shining, we're
gonna see if solar battery chargers actually work on your car,
this particular one comes from a company called Suner Power or perhaps they call
it Sunner power from the Sun, I don't know either way it's spelled the same way, it's
very easy to set up, you just stick them inside the windshield, lick them a little then you take the business end and stick
it into a power outlet, let's say you're going camping or something for a week,
you don't want the battery to go bad or you're at the airport for weeks, these
things could come in pretty handy because modern cars have a lot more
battery drain than old cars did, many modern cars if they sit for a couple
weeks they might drain the battery and might not
even start when you come back, and the reason for that is because modern cars
have so many electronics on them even the air conditioning system is run by
computers, they will drain your battery just sitting there as they're running a
bunch of these computers and especially running a security system, like this
fancy security system, and putting one of these in can prevent that, but do they
actually work, we'll just connect positive to positive and negative to negative, and as
you can see it's charging 16 volts 15.9 now it'll vacillate with the Sun but it
does charge, now realize that it's a slow charger, this is 6/10 of an amp that it's
doing right now because it's behind the clouds, but let's see what happens when
the clouds come out, it's still cloudy will wait till it comes out, of course you
know the clouds will stay out now that I'm filming but in a few minutes the Sun
should come back out again here comes the sun and now the amps are coming
up, now you can see it leveled off at like 1.1 amps, that's not all that much power
but this is a trickle charger so it gives a little bit of charge to keep the
battery from discharging, you could charge a dead battery with it, but it
would take days to get a flat battery completely charged with one of these,
these are more to keep the charge up, and this particular model is not waterproof
so that's why it has the suction cups and goes inside the windshield,
anyway no one can steal it that way, you don't want it on the outside
anybody can come by and grab it, now I've been testing this thing out for a while
I have to say, it works pretty good, you know it puts out a small trickle charge
and it'll keep your battery charged up if you're gonna have your vehicle
sitting anywhere for a long period of time, and it is rather ironic that it
started raining while I was talking about a solar battery charger, now this
is mechanic Monday so I'll be giving away this solar battery charger, to have
a chance to win place a clean non-defensive comment on the YouTube
comments below, and the winner will be randomly chosen by computer to get a
free solar battery charger for their vehicle, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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