Heating Seattle backyard studio with soda cans as solar panels

I found plans for it was from an eight by six box and they said 240 cans and so I did mine 8 by 4 and so I figured that was going to be 175 cans but I ended up putting more like 275 can so it could be that the plans I found had the column space market or further apart but I filled every every section I could with it with the can so it took me a few more weeks to accumulate enough cans how many do you have no shame in doing this I learned a lot about how not to hurt yourself brought what they followed but the bit that cuts out a big hole I cut a hole in the bottom and the top it was just about a little bit smaller than stands if I didn't hold it like he's a shrill the cans and shred it so if I use the glove then I couldn't get a good grip on it I kept ruining the can so it work best if I had a bare hand on the can and I was drilling down into it but it was a little scary to do that there's a lot of metal flying anywhere so I was relieved that I cut 275 cans without losing any fingers or anything I'm putting sealant on the top like that kicking it on so the truth sticks really well and also creates a good seal and the frets together and it dries pretty quick how many in a line do you put together 15 problem Wow and the hole on the bottom one has a hole on the side instead of a bottom the art gets in there easily because it sits along the bottom of the frame with its stems all are different sizes slightly slightly different sizes it's weird and you're gonna die I'm all black after you repay them all black gas to help them heat up more quickly when they're in the zone honey quick go drink four more beers spring water I'm sorry three more to go woo why is that one can down we're talking a little top that one yeah I don't know it's weird at the same number right 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 or 6 8 10 it's the same number of cans but there's a short one somewhere it has something to do with the brand's I think the brand or because look it see it's all different ice so there's one brand of something that's got a slightly shorter can actually it's very convenient though because I want there to be you know what opening there so they'll work out okay I'm very excited because I salvaged an old computer that I've had for 15 years I took the fan out a couple of different fans actually and I figured out that they'll run if they're attached to my solar system I'll put it inside empty worst juice container and duct taped it in there and then attach the hose that runs up through the solar panel and pushes the cold air up into the South Carolina hopefully pushes the hot air out oh and then it's attached to one of the solar panels so it will only be on when it's light out and along that if they go off at night because you don't mind circulating cold air so only technically circulate this warmer than the inside for me it's not the final product yeah pretty much this is going to dry clear so what will drive clear blue button starts hot air is gonna come out of here the cooler in there cool so this is going to go on the roof I tried to put it up on the roof but he uses convection which is when the heat you know heat rises through it and it pushes the hotter into the room so when I put it up on the roof because the angle the roof I think it wasn't getting enough it didn't have the lift or the draw like a chimney unfortunately I didn't think about that when I cut the hole so I cut holes in the roof see this was the intake this is where the hot air was supposed to come in and this was where where the cold air was supposed to be sucked out I think that the system like that would actually work a little bit better because it would pull the cold air out of this part and then if you could have it so put the hot air in on the floor then you would have the ideal circulation I'm not sure I understand that thermodynamics perfectly but that's what I would do but it didn't work on the roof because I couldn't get the right angle up there and the thing is so big and the wind blows if I put it up luck if I put it up at that angle you know it might just blow right off the house and I didn't want to build anything too big up there so down here it seems to work quite well I have it hinged to the house so I can tilt it out with the angle of the Sun so this is how it works it's it's instant into the house and that's me mainly so I can tilt it as it gets warmer in the side of higher probably tilted so it gets a good angle on the Sun and then but mostly this is the intake valve so it sucks the cold air out of my office my cold office it heats it up the cans are all spanking spray painted black so the air comes in and the cans get really hot inside when the sun is shining on them and then it pushes the cold air out I cut the hole in the wrong place the first time and I have this insulated tube that's running into my office right there and so it's circulating the air into the office on a sunny day the idea is that it sucks the cold air out right here and there's this is a fan that I put in there which is powered by solar so it's not on right now but if the Sun was out that fan would kick in and it would help to push the air into the panel out there and then the hot air warm air would come out right here which isn't ideal actually because the hot air ends up settling up here first I think it would be better if I could pump the air under the ground but I think even on a cloudy day maybe not today but even on a cloudy day I think there's some convection there's some heat rising through here and since it's pulling air out of there I feel like even on a crummy day it's a little bit warmer in there than it is outside so I think it's working all the time and then the way that it works is it pushes hot air into the room which heats up the walls and the furniture and so forth and then once it's not working anymore it's warmer in there than outside and the heat comes off the furniture and everything and it just stays warmer for longer than that outside so I'm probably five or six degrees ahead of the outside temperature on even a day like today and then on a sunny day it can get too hot and I would even open the door to get the heat out this is only for heat not electricity in your office this is for heat yeah the electricity if you see this light that's coming and the stereo which is on in the background is all coming from four small photovoltaic panels that I have up on the roof so I'm generating all this electricity well it's not that much actually it's only a 110 watts but from those panels so there's no wiring in here at all and it seems to be plenty of power to run my laptop and this light which this is a compact fluorescent bulb so it's only takes 10 watts sometimes I put a 100 watt bulb in here because the hundred watt bulb works fine and actually generates a lot a little bit of heat so it makes it a little bit warmer if I have a you know a traditional bulb but if I want to get a lot if I'm in here working and I want to get four or five hours of time without running the batteries too low on a cloudy day like this then I can put the 10 watt bulb in there so that's for the electric but the reason I built the year is because I don't have enough panels to generate the 1500 watts that you need to to run a small heater because a small space heater in here would warm this place up really nicely but it takes 1,500 Watson you need um you need more of a commercial solar panel installation in order to generate that much power well I'm just testing to see if I'm getting any increase in heat on a day like this when it's cloudy with just ambient light so I have a thermostat inside that hose and it's just pulling cold air in from the bottom and I'm just trying to see if I heat up the air that comes out of the hose it works really well when the Sun is out it warms right up and you can feel the high air pumping right out of that thing it's really kind of neat to feel him my neighbor had a laser thermometer that he shined in there and I think he got 95 degrees inside the panel on a day when it was maybe 60 and sunny look pretty well you

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