Hard Korr 15W Personal Solar Panel

Ben from Snowys here folks. I've got the Hard Korr 15 Watt
Dual USB solar charger here with me today. (hiphop music) This is a nice, lightweight
and portable unit. Perfect for the campsite or hiking. It's got two USB outputs
and is made tough. So it's going to put up with
the rigours of being outdoors. Now in the box, pretty straightforward. You just get the solar panel here and that's all there is
to it, nice and simple. Now weighs about 550 grammes folded up, it measures
290 or 29 centimetres by a little bit over 20
centimetres this way.

And about three centimetres in height. That's to the top of where
the solar controller is here. And when it's folded out, measures 5, 58 centimetres by 29 centimetres and about 10 centimetres just above 10 centimetres in height, when you measure to the
solar controller here. With regards of what it's made of this is a durable synthetic on the outside that is specified denier but it is a really heavy denier
fabric on the outside here. And you've got two panels
here that are a Grade A monocrystalline silicon panel.

Two of those there. Really good quality panels, really good quality
materials that Hard Korr use. Now, if you need to
hang it up or attach it to a pack or to the side of
the car, or hang it to a tent you've got four hanging loops
here, one on each corner. So you can attach clips or
bits of rope whatever to that, if you like to hang it up in the sun. And then on the flap
that goes over the end you've got a little solar controller here. We'll go into a bit more on that shortly but there's a little Velcro pocket here. so you can store USB cables or actually store the device
that you're charging in there if you like, while it's being charged up. Now, on to the technical details. The panels themselves give
out 2.5 amps at six volts. Now USB devices are ready
to five volts charging.

So you've got this little sort
of USB solar controller here and this gives out five volts at two and a half amps combined here. So you've got two and a half amps total available from both of these ports. So you can have one amp from one, one and a half amps from the other or a two and a half amps from one depending on what your
device is going to pull, how many amps the device is going to pull when it's charging. And when there is actually solar available in these panels here this little red led light
in the middle here will will light up red to show
you that solar is available and your device is going to be charging. It's also equipped with an
automatic shutoff feature in the solar controller
there to prevent overcharging of the USB devices.

This is a really durable and reasonably lightweight
unit to keep USB charges device whether in the campsite or on the trail. And it comes at a really
friendly price as well. So check them out online at snowys.com.au where you'll find them at
our lowest prices every day. But if you do have any
questions, let us know down in the comments below,
subscribe to our channel, for more information.

We'll check out some
other Hard Korr products like this one down here. (hiphop music).

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