Grade B Solar Panels – John Kimball Sunelectronics 1/2

this is a sharp a you can't see anything wrong with it this is a sharp B it has a little bit of foggy foggy type of look to it on some of the bars particular you can see it here and here other than that looks pretty good this is a see it looks this is the worst-looking aspect module we sell it has a lot of discoloration on the front of the module all the sharp modules have been tested by sharp prior to shipping to us all of them rate exactly what they're supposed to in the output this is a another sharp I can't see anything wrong with it it's often the case with great demolishes this is a used evergreen we just took off our roof and you can see the difference between seven years of age and brand-new this is a Civello grade-b and you can't see anything wrong with it at all you're beautiful this is a Suniva grade B it has a tiny little blemish right here other than that it looks terrific this is a CSUN and frankly speaking I can't see anything wrong anywhere on the module this is a high efficiency Sun module it's 20.1% efficient and I can't see anything wrong in the module except that's on the outside somebody didn't clean that one outside outside beautiful and that's it so you can see that on grade B modules it's insignificant and if somebody wasn't around to point these cosmetic blemishes to you you couldn't see them in general so same power same lifetime and you're looking at all tested modules under a light tower from the different factories and some of them have factory warranties and some of them have some electronics warranties you never know what the manufacturers are going to sell to you in the conditions but it's all laid out on the list whether or not to have you well what the warranties are and I've been in the business for 43 years if everybody knows I've been selling grade B modules we sold almost a thousand containers of them and I would back them the amount of returns that we get on grade B modules are practically I think we measured it one time is point zero zero zero nine so that's our one module in a thousand and if somebody gets a module where they feel the cosmetic blemishes there's just too much for them we will immediately refund their money or get them a replacement I don't know what else to tell you except that grade B's are probably the best investment you can make if it fits what you need and anybody who doesn't at least consider grade B modules before up buying a 30% or 50% more expensive grade a module is crazy and most modules are made up in this exact same way similar to an automobile windshield or a sliding glass door they're basically rocks that produce electricity and the lifetime of modules is based on an average of about a loss of power per year of about 0.25

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