Goal Zero Yeti 400: Solar Panel Christmas Tree Project; 2015

this is a video about our Christmas tree solar project this is Eli that's a 60 watt solar panel that's about a 15-foot Christmas tree and we tried to hook it up to this Yeti 400 400 watt hour unit now what happens is every night at six this timer is set to go off for two hours these LED Christmas lights there's three strands and the unit says that it's taken about 20 watts when those lights are up and so what I wanted to what I wanted to put down is that this Yeti 400 and this 60 watt solar panel in upstate New York is not self sufficient to drive this Christmas tree two hours a night pretty much what you have is the Yeti will run the Christmas tree two hours a night for about three days maybe four days and then I got to take it inside and charge it from a wall unit I think the problem is if you can see right there right now it's a sunny day it's only generating five watts from the solar panel and it's using up five watts just to run the inverter now I know you're thinking it's not really the solar panel or the eddies fault it's those trees but I mean come on wits upstate New York there are trees and I can't really spend three thousand dollars to take down the trees so anyway it's a cool project you like did you have fun with the solar project and it does work but you can see it every night it's not too inconvenient but really if you're thinking that you can hook a 60 watt solar panel to a Yeti 400 and drive a Christmas tree you are mistaken solar panel is a really pretty pathetically weak energy source to drive even an LED system ok so that's it

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