Goal Zero Yeti 400 Power Station with 50W Solar Panel

everything you can power TVs with this light so as we come into spring storm season particularly and we might be facing a power outage if you want to take this camping or on your boat wherever it might be this is what you want goal zero Yeti 400 this is going to also come and this is where it's different this is where we have really improved your offer here we're including the solar panel typically that is not included I believe that's only here at HSN that we include your solar panel so you don't even have to go and plug this in somewhere that solar panel is going to help you keep it charged today we're featuring pricing this at for $99.99 we're doing six flex payments on our electronics including this so if you want to put this on flex payment you can do that but this the Flex payment is 8333 we'll ship it to you free it's 30 pounds so that's a really nice savings if you use the HSN card we're gonna let you finance this for one entire year 12 month financing there is no interest there's no fee for the card so sign up for the card and then take advantage of that 12 month VIP financing it works out to be 4166 a month you will love having this this thing is truly your 21st century generator Chris Lake is going to show us how it works because it couldn't be easy it's basically just if you can plug in a toaster you can put any easier Alice you're exactly right in with that flex pay and what the financing this is an investment but you have to understand this is an investment that every home should make the goal zero of yetee 400 is our most popular solar generator goal zero is the leader in a sustainable portable power and the reason why we say it's portable because you can take this and go and I'm gonna show you how you can do that real quick but what makes this unique is this is 400 watts of power right here this is a 21st century generator you can recharge this okay first of all we don't hear anything no loud noise no fumes it's not fueled you don't worry about gasoline you can recharge this three different ways you can plug it into a wall adapter which is what we recommend just keep it plugged in if you want to use it just take it out use it plug it back in if you want to save it for emergencies you can keep it plugged in you can also put this in your car you can take this with you on the go like you mentioned go going camping maybe you're tailgating you can charge us with your 12 volt adapter you can also charge it with the solar panel that comes with it this is absolutely amazing this isn't flat-screen TV this is your solar panel that comes with it very easy to use and it allows you to have that sustainability with your power so you have three different ways to charge this and as you mentioned Alice it's so simple I mean let me just show you real quick we've got our charging port right here I mean just turn it on real quick this is our charging indicator light we have our LCD screen here and then we have our ports we've got our 110 ports of course everybody knows what these are our u.s.

USB ports and then you've got 12 volt ports right there it's a beautiful unit it is let me tell you some it's a piece of equipment here this weighs about 30 pounds you see on the sides we've got fans here that are so you don't even hear them come on you also have the ability to chain this together with other batteries as well but it's very simple and that's all you have to do you turn it on and I'm gonna go ahead and just start plugging some things in here let's plug my TV in here and show you because let's face it you want to go tailgating I mean who doesn't want to be able to take their TV with them and yeah fire that up I turn on my power right there TV will get going if I turn my button on there and we'll get some music going how about this one here Alice what's the sound of this that's the sound of hurricane season you have to have the ability I know before you know we're gonna be back into it again now we all know about that here in Florida but I whether you're in Florida anywhere else we're hearing about mudslides snow storms I start ice storms everything and if you don't have a plan for when that power goes out you're gonna be left in the dark literally turn some music on here I'm gonna jump right in front of you these are things that you know creature item your comforts that we get you know used to you can see we got our Turner music on we want to listen to the news whatever it is I mentioned the you know our cordless drill you want to be able to turn that on but this is what really makes the Yeti 400 unique I'm gonna pick this up and take it with me okay no cords here right take it right over here we can put it in the bedroom you can't put a generator in the bedroom that's impossible well with the 8,400 you can I'll plug this in here so we've got some light get our charging units there we got that we can turn on our tablet again this is something that you can keep right at your bedside because look at this how many people have need for a CPAP machine what are you gonna do if the power goes out and you need your CPAP machine to sleep that's Joe we're talking about emergency situations but you mentioned also all of the other you know whether it's tailgating camping being outdoors maybe you had a workshop that you like to be in and you want to be able to have power in that you can do that with the Yeti 400 it's one of the most compact units I have ever seen with this kind of power with it with the ability to power your TVs your lights I mean this is your super power here and the nice part about this one particularly is because it is so small I mean really really small it's almost like at the size of a large lunch box I mean it's just very compact but you will use this in case of emergency it's great to use it in case of emergency but it's also something you can use every single day because exactly what what he was saying that you can put this in your bedroom anywhere you want and plug in all those things that you just don't have enough wall plugs for because a lot of the homes when they were built they didn't really envision that we were gonna have all these electronics now you have a place to power all that so you'll use it everyday some of the others are just too big to actually put in your home this could go by the side of your bed you won't even notice it but you'll be able to plug in everything and use it daily but then if the power goes out if you need to see that TV if you need to charge your phone if you need to use it for cpap whatever you need to use the pork you will have this and you will have this year after year after year after year let us finance it for you I know it's an investment but this is an investment that you will use for many years to come and with our HSN card we're gonna give you 12 months to pay for this it makes it $41.66 and believe me when that ice storm hits or that spring storm comes in Dallas because boy they are yes and the power goes out and you're sitting in the dark and you don't know you don't have any idea what's going on and you're gonna be able to plug in the TV or plug in your phone and get information you will go oh my gosh I'm so glad I made that investment because it is an investment that will pay off even if you just use it one time it will pay off a lot of times as hurricanes we're without power for days that's right not weeks in some case but with the solar panel that we're including for you you don't even have to worry about it it is absolute Portability and sustainability you're not gonna find anywhere else since like you said Alice I mean a lot of times we get through hurricane season and we all take a deep breath it's like we made it through it okay but but god forbid we get a direct hit or you have a serious storm or whatever and you're not prepared this is something that you want to make the investment now what are your options otherwise most people can't afford to spend thousands and thousand dollars to have a generator to to provide power to the house my parents have a generator it was it's huge yeah it's gas it's gas it's a problem yes it is just a problem this is going to be that generator this is your 21st century generator but but here's the thing most generators even traditional generators you got to plug them in solar power that's right this is what is so brilliant about this particular design because the hoods generator runs out if even if it's just an electric charge you got to recharge it solar powered so it's going to continue with that sustainability to recharge and recharge without you ever having to plug it in that's the brilliance of what you're getting that's why you buy Yeti that's right and that's why you invest in something like this I have exactly how many do I have I have 305 of you who can who could order this today we typically don't do six flex payments but we're doing six flex payments on all of our electronics only today that will end at midnight but frankly if you could use your HSN card it's $41.66 a month the solar panel out of the marketplace is not included we are the only place where you're gonna get that solar panel included and that to me truly Chris is what separates us from every other unit the portability the the compact nature of it but the fact that it sustains itself with the power of the Sun three different ways you can charge it because you can again you can take this in your car if you want to but again the portability is what is such an amazing feature here I'm gonna go ahead and take it because we've had in the bedroom this is the part here that to me this is the reason why every single home should have the Yeti 400 there because and you talked about this a little bit earlier with Lori it's staying connected we lose power and we lose connection we're not able to to be staying in touch with mom and dad making sure they're okay making sure the kids are okay what about it if you're working so many people work from home these days and they have to stay connected because let's face it we have a storm here in Florida I'm sorry they're not really aware of that in Chicago mm-hmm and this is the one thing and you were talking about this earlier most people don't realize you lose power you lose Internet the only reason you lose Internet is because you lost power right to your router so you plug your router in and you're connected you've got to email back again you can be working you can stay connected to mom and dad you can stay connected to the kids you better find out what's going on around you yes you know I absolutely know a lot of folks in Dallas they deal with tornadoes it had a terrible tornado last year hit right next to my friend's house let me tell you the power lines went down she's sitting there in the dark that's right what's going on yeah it is frightening you are gonna have a way to be able to connect to find out what's going on to get the news to to be able to say oh I'm fine what's going on are you okay you will have the power this is your super power this is but this is the solar-powered as well yes you can plug it into your car you can plug it in and recharge it too traditionally but with that solar panel that only we are including here at HSN that's how you get the sustainability so if you have for example if you want to go camping or tailgating then you're gonna have all the power you want all the time because it's good it's going to regenerate itself using the Sun that's right no is it's unbelievable and I just want to show people again real quick what you're gonna get because you know a lot of times we talking about being off the grid well guess what you got the grid with you this is the grid you're all set you've got your generator you've got your power source right here and that's all you need this is an investment that every single home in America really needs to make because it's whether it's for an emergency whether it's for convenience whether it's for the reasons we just talked about staying connected for work because so many people do work from home and we just powered up our entire office right there exactly you're gonna power up your office like I said this is something because it's so compact because it looks nice too they didn't know it's not like those ugly generators that use the gas that all of that I mean those things you can't even have in your home you're gonna be able to use this as a generator anywhere because it utilizes just traditional stored energy it's a battery but it's a super powered battery so you can run your TVs you can run multiple things all at one time how about mini-fridge you have to have insulin for you for diabetics or you know any type of medication needs to be refrigerator you can run a mini-fridge off this absolutely listen fewer than 300 of these remain if you want to take advantage of our six flex payment we're only doing that today and we're only by the way giving you that opportunity to use the HSN card if you finance it on the HSN card $41.66 a month there is no interest as long as it's paid in full by this time next year but I think you will find the quality of this the sustainability nobody else is going to give you that solar panel unless you buy it from us only here at HSN are we giving you that solar panel we try to give you the extra value so that you shop with us so that you can back we are going to make sure that this is going to work for you year after year after year when that power goes out let me tell you you're gonna reach for this and go oh thank gosh you'd be so glad but you will use it everyday you will use it whether you go camping or out boating or whatever you like to do hiking it's only thirty pounds that's right completely portable affordable right it's about maybe the size of a toaster I guess no and his portable you take it with you take it in the car wherever you need it great great item thanks so much Chris thanks Alice right especially as we come into the storm season but want to let you know is something else that we want to talk about is our jewelry vault as well that you're able to find special and very high-quality jewelry

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