Goal Zero Venture 70 Waterproof Powerbank 17,700mAh – Testbericht Gear Review

Hey Guys today I'll introduce you to a power bank. Here i have the Venture 70 from Goal Zero. What you can do with it, see now in the video. Have fun. The Venture 70 Powerbank comes in a pretty bright look that's hard to overlook. There is a robust and durable housing made of high quality plastic and a surrounding rubber bumper. The company logo and the model name are conspicuous on the top. At the top of the connections we see the first feature the integrated flashlight with a maximum of 65 lumens. It is enough to light the way in the dark in an emergency.

It is switched on and off by pressing the button to the right of the LEDs. Well I find here that it is programmable in the following programs. By switching on and holding the following down we come to the programming mode after a flashing confirmation here you can then use the opposite battery button to select the blue LEDs from the left to the right from P1 to P5. The program is saved after releasing the flashlight button so that the next time you switch it on, it will land directly in the selected mode.

If you only want to know the charge level of the Powerbank simply press the battery button once and the blue LEDs will show you the charge. Each of the 5 LEDs is self-explanatory of course for 20% battery charge. We come to the connections, here we the outputs left and right 2 normal USB ports with 5v voltage, each with up to 2.4 ampere strength. The power goes up to a maximum of 12 watts. The input is a micro USB connection at 5Volt up to 3 Ampere and a maximum of 15 watts. This allows you to charge the most common small devices such as 7 "tablets, action cameras, smartphones, head lamps or rechargeable batteries and be on a call on longer trips. Lets check the Accessories there are 2 short micro USB cables which can be stowed in the sides. Apple users also have a bundle with 1x Micro and 1x Lightning cable. But I have more micro USB accessories than Lightning, the 2x micro fits better for me.

But now to the technical data the battery is a Samsung lithium NMC battery of type 18650 At the capacity we have at 3, 78V 17,700 milli ampere hours or 67Wh So I can fully charge my iphone 7 with 3, 8v and a 1,960 Mili ampere hour battery pretty much 9x By the way, if the Powerbank is completely empty it will take about 8 hours with a power plug via USB via the socket until it is fully charged again. The same at charging with a Nomad 20 solar panel but here only if the panel is in the blazing sun.

Good thing here is that the Powerbank can still charge devices during the charging process. This is not a matter of course for larger Powerbanks. There is also a management that protects against overload and deep discharge. What I like very much is the IP67 protection against water so up to 30min in a metre of deep water is no problem Actually not very special though, I find it very good that no annoying caps or seals have been installed. So just get the device out of the water, dry a little and keep going. With the weight we have decent 454gramm which of course make the backpack a bit heavier but you can save so much more spare batteries and a second person can leave the Powerbank at home and use the venture 70. The dimensions are 16.3 x 9.5 x 2, 01inch not exactly small but also not too big for smaller backpack bags. For wearing on a man it is less suitable with weight and dimensions. The operating temperature is 0-45 degrees Celsius but I have also had good experience with the batteries of goal zero at significantly colder temperatures.

But I still have two more features before we come to the conclusion. With the smart charge function you can adjust the Powerbank to your device or devices. Simply plug in the smartphone or similar and hold the battery button down briefly until the blue LEDs start flashing. As it blinks, the Powerbank communicates with the device and searches for the fastest charging profile. After this, this profile is saved for this port and will use it the next time you connect. However, if you then connect another device, the process should be repeated in order to optimally charge. The whole thing works, of course, even if you connect two devices directly. Here, the profiles are then adjusted one after the other.

How quickly the device or devices are recharged can be detected by the flashing of the led by pressing the battery button if the flash is too slow, the smart charge function should be used in any case. For the speed of charging I do not call any exact values as a small clue, for my iphone 7 in airplane mode without use I have needed from 30% to 100% battery level 1 hour and 47min. Of course, this varies depending on the type of battery. In case the Powerbank hung or if the devices are no longer loaded correctly there is still a reset function which activates by holding the flashlight button for 35 seconds. Then the middle blue LED lights up and the device is reset. Let us now come to the conclusion. Yes Guys! that was the venture 70 Powerbank of Goal zero . I hope you had a good look. From me now still the positive and negative points. The overall package with capacity, performance, design, operation and processing quality was positive for the first time. The IP67 protection is also top, just rinse under the faucet once it has become filthy and ready.

The price is very high with €134 of course there are quite clearly cheap models on the internet my experience with cheap Powerbanks is not good They were in the drawer after half a year of use because they did not load anymore. If any of you have better experiences with the cheap power banks please link below, maybe I'll test a model again. I would have found the Powerbank for €100 even more nicer. Otherwise I didn't like the long recharge time The silicone is nice handy though, but also stick to many needles and dust on it.

Good that you can clean it unter the water. Some Tips: In any case, make sure that the Powerbank has enough power for your equipment and do not put it in your suitcases and carry it with you in your hand luggage. Well that's it, i hope you like the video, see you next time. Take Care!.

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