Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Charging Kit Review- Power anywhere there is sun.

hi Liberty's teeth here and welcome back to the ten hat ranch channel everybody needs power everybody has iPhones gps's cameras etc well things like camping used to involve you in nature it now involves you nature and Netflix it's not my thing but when I went on my recent camping trip to Big Sur the thought crossed my mind how am I going to keep my camera charged for shooting videos while on location I realized that I was going to have to find a way to recharge my camera while out in the wilderness after taking a look into my options I settled on the gold 0 switch eight solar recharging kit when trying to find a solution to a problem like this you have to identify the factors involved in making an informed decision for a solar recharging kit these factors include how much power do I plan on using every day how much energy am I going to take with me and how quickly do I need to replenish that energy in my case my camera lasts two hours with continuous use I turn it off after each use and generally use it for short clips so I plan on not draining it more than once a day next you have to look at the battery capacity of the device as you wish to charge my camera uses a one and a quarter amp hour battery so if I were to drain my battery everyday I would need one and a quarter amp hours worth of juice every day so a solar charging kit that provides at least one and a quarter amp hours of reserved capacity and the ability to recharge it once a day would suffice that is where I started my search and found the gold 0 switch 8 solar charging kit the switch 8 comes with a 2.2 amp hour lithium ion battery simple math tells us that a battery that starts 2.2 amp hours should charge a one and a quarter amp hour battery almost two times there is some loss in the charging but I'll keep things simple so right off the bat I know that the switch eight when fully charged should keep me going one of the nice features of the switch 8 is that you can charge it from a USB port before you leave this means in my case then I start out with almost two charges the switch eight comes with the nomad 3.5 solar panel out of the USB port it will put out 2.5 watts at 5 volts goal zero states that it will charge the switch eight and five to ten hours using some fuzzy math on a perfect day in the Arizona desert it might charge the switch eight in a little over three hours the kid itself is about as small as you can get for a useful camping or hiking solar charging system when folded it is six and a half by five inches and one inch thick small enough to easily pack away unfolded it is 14 inches by five inches the whole package weighs about three-quarters of a pound it also comes with eight loops that allow you to attach it to your pack on the back side of the panel there's a little pouch that contains the power supply it also stores the switch eight battery there's enough room in the pouch to store a few cables and odds and ends as well to charge a switch eight just hook it up with the supplied USB cable and tuck it into the pouch and hang it on the back of your pack and go the quality of the whole package is excellent the loops that attach it to your pack look pretty sturdy and should hold up for a long time it is pretty apparent that the whole package was well thought out with a backpacker in mind the switch eight banner is very simple power goes in one end and comes out the other it's five inches long and cylindrical with a diameter of one inch on the side is an indicator that shows the charge level in 20 percent increments the switch shake can even serve as a backup battery on its own if you pre charge it there's a couple things that you need to know about the switch eight solar kit when using it on the trail the battery is not waterproof nor is it weather resistant the solar panel is weather resistant but cannot be submerged if it were to rain you would need to run a USB cable from the panel to the battery stored inside of your pack but you have to ask yourself though am I really going to try and charge the battery while it's raining in my three days I never fully discharged the switch eight the panel was able to keep enough juice in the battery when charging your device's the batteries output is one amp or about the same as most wall chargers so charging time is similar overall I think this is a handy device that it's going to stay in my pack please keep in mind that if you need more power or quicker charging goal zero does offer larger panels and battery packs that brings us to the end of this video if you like the content please subscribe and thanks for watching

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