Goal Zero Solar and your Baofeng UV-5R+ and UV-3R

okay guys I just wanted to show you a little bit of a system that I put together using the gold zero and a couple of different models of the bow thing ham radio a lot of you know about the the UV 5r the UV v r+ baofeng dual band it's a 2 meter 70 centimeter ham radio there's also this one it's the u v3 are very basic unit Baofeng that is i think this is probably one of the least expensive this is also a dual band ham radio and what really got me interested in this one was if you notice here it basically just has a little cell phone type battery and this one is actually I think this transmits so just for FYI when you take the battery out and reinsert the battery the unit turns on but as I was saying this one interested me because it has this little small cell phone battery now why did that interest me well the reason why that was really interesting to me was also the cable that came with it is just a USB cable the charging cable is just a USB and I actually have that cable right here and it's got this um it's actually got actually I don't have the cable right here okay sorry about that pull on the cables right here cable for that unit I think I got so many cables going on it's a USB and this actually plugs in to another charger but the reason why that was significant was I knew that if this charged in if this had this end on it I could plug it in to my goal zero and here I have the goal zero this is the I think this is the seven watt nomad Nomad 7 and the Nomad 7 and really nice I got this was a really I've got a really good deal on this and my Lighting's dating right now but just wanted to be able to charge this unit directly from the solar panel and with that cable because it has that connection I'm able to charge this unit directly from the solar panel and it only gives you about 2 watts but in an emergency situation you'll be able to pick up the Manoa Channel and then if you wanted to you would also be able to communicate if you will but it didn't stop there also the goal 0 guide 10 plus is good to have because with this and with something that I just purchased as well you're able to take this battery this is by the way this is the UV v r+ but the UV 5r is another really popular model and I purchased this adapter and what this adapter is basically if you look in there it just allows you to insert your double A's or your triple A's I'm sorry your triple-a batteries and so you can insert your triple-a batteries into the unit and power up your radio and with that capability with these triple A's I wish this I I'm not sure if they make one for double A's but I think they're all triple A's because you have to have the the right wattage but with that with that capability then it'll also allow me put this in right it will allow me to use this the guide 10 plus and when I put the guide 10 plus the guide 10 plus the Nomad kit it comes with a triple-a adapter that you just slide in and then you can put your batteries in your duct your triple ace and then you're ready to go you put your triple-a batteries in there make sure your polarities right there lined up and then you can plug your goal zero your Nomad into your guide 10 plus recharge your triple A's use your adapter and then you have a portable radio a portable ham radio that's also that also has NOAA capability so just wanted to show you guys that I know it's not probably the it's probably not the best system out there there's probably other systems but I figured for my go-bag or for my emergency bag I'm going to put these bowel things in there and and also with these they're so small the footprint that they take up I'll have a bit of redundancy and in a case of WRAL I could even use both of these radios with some a member of my party so again that's the goal 0 Nomad 7 the goal 0 guide 10 plus the u v3 are from bowel thing the UV v r+ from bowel thing and i purchased the adapter the triple-a adapter I think this ran I think it was like eight dollars and so and of course if you wanted you could have multiple units and then for my goal zero plus I just bought some some energizer rechargeable batteries I think they're I believe they're nickel metal hydride if I'm not mistaken let me make sure on that yeah they're nickel metal hydride I believe and they're rechargeable so anyway thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video hope this maybe gives you some kind of ideas if you enjoyed the video please subscribe post some comments post the video well you don't post video responses anymore but anyway thank you for watching hope you check out some of my other videos and have a good day

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