[Music] the nomad line of portable solar panels is built tough for mobile base camps and off-grid adventures designed for portability the nomad 50 nomad 100 and the nomad 200 are perfect for longer trips well off the beaten path where high power demands and packability matter most the versatile four panel design makes it easy to unfold and collect solar power while stationary then they quickly pack down to easily stow in your vehicle while on the move pair the nomad 50 and the nomad 100 with any of our yeti power stations or medium-sized power banks to keep laptops charged run portable fridges and power all your essential electronics the nomad 200 the largest in the line pairs easily with our larger yeti power stations and was designed to meet high power needs without sacrificing portability the panel comes with a built-in anderson power pole connector also known as app which plugs easily into the faceplate of your yeti allowing you to easily optimize your solar charging experience all of our nomads feature four monocrystalline panels sealed in a protective enclosure attachment loops that allow you to strap the panel to vehicles tents and more a usba 2.4 amp port allowing you to charge devices directly an easy access mesh case keeps cables organized and protected the nomad 50 and 100 feature built-in eight millimeter charging cables for goal zero yeti power stations and power banks the nomad 50 comes with built-in eight millimeter chaining capabilities allowing you to chain up to three nomad 50 panels for a total of 150 watts for the nomad 100 use the goal zero 4x eight millimeter combiner cable to chain up to four nomad 100s into our larger yeti power stations chain up to four nomad 200s with a 4x app to app combiner cable and plug directly into the faceplate of our larger yeti power stations whether you are heading out to an extended expedition or you want to have some portable solar power on hand in an emergency our nomad portable solar panels are ready to help you power anything anywhere you

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