Goal Zero Nomad 7 solar panel goal zero guardian charge controller SHTF bug out camp

alright kind of doing the first video on my goal zero nomad 7 7 watt solar panel and speak a little bit louder out of the last one was kind of quiet so what we're doing now I've got me a a battery box right here and it is actually holding a it's a 9.5 amp hour Power Wheels battery and it works really good for charging like your phones and computers and stuff like that it works really good you can run stuff off of it as well and what I've done I'm just going to try this goal 0 let it charge for lunch guys sitting on top nothing special it's been kind of half and half cloudy today sunny but I the battery was at twelve point four eight volts and I'm just gonna let it charge for a little while while the sun's out it is now 15 minutes till 4 p.m.

And the Sun was really coming out now and I also have a gold zero charge controller I don't even make these anymore but uh here we go this what's that what that is so far and it's got a really short cable they said the shorter the better for charging but say 7 watts don't really charge too much but I'm gonna give it about an hour so and then see it works that see how much is charged and maybe do a little math or something and see but uh that's what I'm doing so far come back later and see what's going on alright everybody on the progress of the gold zero a little power station here that I have we started out at twelve point four eight volts and I just checked it and it's been approximately thirty minutes and it's now at twelve point six one volts so what's going on up there we'll check it again in thirty minutes and see where it's at that'd be the case this little seven alot thing is charging pretty good good sunlight I mean it's not perfect Sun today it's like really really cloudy I like it so far it's pretty neat this first time I've got to even use it I just ordered all this the charge controller because you really I guess you could hook it up to a battery thing the a 12 volt or something maybe and run it directly in there somehow but I want the charge controller that way if I move it up to a bigger solar panel or I could hook something together have different options you know and Plus this little charge controller is just plug and play you know it's got the alligator clips on the side right here kind of action going on and then that goes to the solar panel I'm hoping to buy another kind of cable that will hook into one of these little slots here and and go to a different kind of solar panel like a one that has different kind of clips and stuff on it though we'll see what happens all right you you

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