Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus V2 Compact Solar Panel Features, Specifications Review Great for Hiking

[Music] hae-in from temple in Toowoomba i here to talk to you about the goal zero Nomad 7 plus v2 this is a serious bit of kit especially if you're a hiker it's like even in just a normal normal everyday camping can use one of these it's a little 7 watt solar panel weighs about 360 grams as you can see at full stretch there it's only about 33 centimeters wide 22 centimeters tall so fits nicely on the back of a backpack on the dash of a car can charge up an iPad iPhone even little battery packs nowadays it's especially good with the USB charger got a saloon little power adapter there so you can see how much charge is going in as well as the fact that you actually have a kickstand on those so when it's fully open sits out quite nicely and with the low weight it's especially good to be moving traveling around with so no matter whether you're going downtown in a big city or in the middle of nowhere it's like this this here will certainly be the tool for your kid thank you you

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