Goal Zero Flip Recharger

G'day guys, it's Ben from Snowys Outdoors here. And today we are having a quick look at the Goal Zero Flip Recharger range. The Flip Recharger range is a rechargeable little
battery that you can use to recharge your phone, tablet or camera when you're
out and about and you're just getting a little bit low on the battery. The Flip
range comes in three varieties – the 10, the 20 and of the 30.

As I'm sure you've
probably guessed already, the larger the number, the larger the battery itself,
the more charge you can get, the more powerful it is. And of course the more
expensive it is, as well. So when you get any of these Flip Recharges what you'll
find in the box is the Flip Recharger itself, a small instruction
manual and there's a cable for charging small items, like cameras or GoPros. We'll
start off having a quick look at the Fip 10. So the Flip 10 is 9.2
centimetres long by 1.9 wide and 1.9 deep as well. The 20 is the same
dimensions in length and depth but is double the width at 3.8
centimetres. And the 30 is slightly longer at 9.4, its 6.1 wide
and it's 2.1 deep as well.

The whole Flip Recharger range is made out of
aluminium and plastic which makes it super lightweight and water resistant
but not waterproof. The Flip 10 weighs 70 grams, the Flip 20 is 130 and the Flip 30
is only a 193 grams. The Goal Zero Flip Rechargers all
have a lithium ion battery. The Flip 10 has a 26 milliamp hour battery
and charges in about two and a half hours. It's 5000 to 200
milliamps for the 20, charges around 4 hours and the 30 charges in about 5
hours and has a 7800 milliamp hour battery. So that's enough of the tech
data, let's have ourselves a quick look at how they actually work. We'll have a
quick look here at the Flip 10. So all of the Flip Range Rechargers actually
have this flip out, hence the name, USB port which you can plug into any mobile
phone charger, just like so. Now the great benefit of these that you can actually
charge your phone out of the battery whilst the battery itself is also
charging out of the wall.

So for me, I've simply got my iPhone cable… plug it into
there, plug my phone in and away we go. We can charge both at the same time.
Now once the Flip 10 is fully charged, you will get one full mobile phone
battery out of it, so you can charge this up full whilst charging that and then
recharge it again later. So you'll notice these four indicator lights on the Goal
Zero Flip 10 here. This shows how full the battery is on the Recharger itself. Now
when you're charging it it's kind of handy to see how full it is, or what you can
also do, if you unplug it from the wall and you fold the USB in like so and then
press it, you'll get an update of how the battery is going inside the Goal Zero
whilst it's charging up something else. The Goal Zero Flip range comes with a
1-year warranty and it also comes in a wide range of colours as well.

So, whether
you're out trekking, you're travelling around the world, or like me, you just use
your phone a little bit too much at work, always handy to have one of
these close by to give yourself the extra bit of juice that you need. So, to check
out any more about the Goal Zero Flip Range, feel free to jump onto our
website at www.snowys.com.au With fast, free delivery to most of Australia and everyday low prices. Keep it real..

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