Goal Zero Boulder 30 solar panel tripod setup.

okay hello YouTube here is my brand new solar panel setup that I promised to show you I have the goal zero Boulder 30 solar panel here on this tripod you can see how big it is compared to my hand whoo that's actually quite warm too it's pretty nice day out so yeah just thought I'd show you this when I how I have it set up here it's kind of gay but hey works 550 cord on each four ends the panel to hold it on to this would set up my gorilla glued together really nice because the tripod is actually broken and to fix it to seems like everything breaks on me I have the scape 150 power pack out here as well it's not powering right now because as you can see it needs an adapter for it to be able to work because the bridge too big they sell it so that's good don't have to worry about that when I have the bricks anchoring it down with some more 550 cord and then over here is my normal setup for my Nomad 7 solar panels the new one on the left and the right one is the old one and also the brick setup and everything and this tripod actually broke – I have a screw going through the whole thing you still get movement though um I just have to work on that I guess a little bit mmm and I have a little bit of a cold so my voice is all crackling crap but yes with this power pack did in a previous video I even powered my brother's television in his room he has a ten inch LCD display computer monitor I guess you can use it for as well but no freaking bad they seem to be the right distance apart to catch the Sun just right so yeah like I said in the previous video if you can find a cheaper tripod to use for these solar panels please do not spend a hundred and fifty dollars on their solar panel it's just a waste of your time and money and shipping and everything else that they just love to pound you with when you buy but I have four hundred and full 360 degrees for the panel the Sun rises from the east and sets in the west which it's over here right now so angle that pretty good to the Sun you can see it kind of wobbles a little bit yeah I've got to do some patch up work on that but it works that's the important thing get a good angle on the Sun and it's not on the ground for animals to step on I don't think I'm gonna have it permanently installed though it's the sad part all right well thanks for watching and if you like my ideas for the solar panel array I have here I'll give you some good tips on how to buy my body I have two more droplet sitting in the house but there it's a small one which I actually used parts of it to fix that one on the left and the one on the right here is soon to get a grab a bit that's to be expected with cheap plastic these are each $30 tripods now so better off to buy a brand new if you're looking for something really good use glue to reinforce them and good luck that's basically all the advice I have for you as far as the scales definitely uh don't waste your money on gold zeros tripod unless you're looking to get a really big solar panel array but if you're like me and you just want a little bit of backup power and this bad boy will do it go for it but I'd advise you not to I didn't even put them on the roof if I wanted that would at least get Sun for half the day if I had a south-facing roof which this isn't it's a north and west not north unless the east and west if I don't stand south-facing I'd at least get a little bit more of the day for the angle of the Sun but yeah stick with this alright thanks for watching rate subscribe to my channel and I'm gonna do some more videos like this show you some more awesome solar panel products and a lot lot more alright see ya later

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