Generac Generator Running Our ENTIRE Home

[Music] you need me to show you how to wire up this generator or you think you can handle that on your own [Music] [Music] that was the hard part rushing downhill from here [Music] [Applause] [Music] that so that's hooked up so i temporarily wired this guy in um it's stranded wired uh 16 gauge um i need stake onto that i bought them like a month ago in a misplaced i'm not sure where they're at but for now they're going to be temporaried up screwed in um i will come back and take care of that we have a little bit of work outside but most of the work is going to be in here because we are going to get the whole house generator installed today yes so it's a 13kw generator um how we sized it as you probably want to double the size of your inverter our inverter is a 6.8 kw inverter and i guess the rule of thumb with solar and a generator is your improvement double the size of your inverter we didn't go quite that high with the generator um we don't use 6 800 continuous running watts on our inverter never have i doubt we ever will maybe but we don't so the reason behind that is because if you deplete your batteries um the general kicks on automatically or charge your batteries but also run your your 6.8 kw low to use into towards your house wait watch me run double the size of it this is a backup like emergency system in case like we ever you know run into a problem yeah so we're getting numerous days of snow to come down we're getting a ton of snow and the panels will cover the snow we'll pull them pull the snow off and it's a layer of ice it's not going to charge very well we've had that issue so far this year and it had last year a little bit too so if we deplete our batteries that thing kicks on we run off the generator charges our batteries when the batteries get up to charge generator turns off and we're operating on batteries again yes so so we got if you were to ask josh we are going to start by install this we're going to install that we're going to do this and then we're going to run some pipe and that's pretty much how things are going to get started and then at uh 9 pm i'm land pipe so let's get this done you're cooking dinner we're gonna have a long day season cook [Music] dinner you should probably you should probably do something to protect those wires i'm going to get my trusty cardboard right here yeah looks uh legit to me legit josh that's definitely going to work i'll do it all the time [Music] you see i hit that cord because the hair i protected the wire it's a good thing it's just the same josh you know brownies oh wow best kid ever i only had i only had two knives that's right you guys do what you gotta do all your dad was cardboard but he made it work yeah that's chewy too that you bust you brought yourself a water outside anything like that that pipes in this pipe is for the generator wire that comes from the generator that comes through comes up hits the 60 amp breaker right here a little two pole and it comes from here and goes into the inverter to the generator section i'm so excited you know my dream electrical system is coming together you know what i mean yeah like everything's running i have tons of power happening and uh i have backup power if my original power fails on me i'm like and it's all will be tied in unison too so if anything happens any fluctuation battery goes down anything happens that thing kicks on automatically yeah i'm gonna be sending you out there at midnight to generator on your underwear you weren't gonna be sending me out there at midnight to try to generate around my underwear anyways i've seen you go out there buck naked josh okay times are tough sometimes you know scared sasquatch off and stuff you know i had a sasquatch you ain't hung like it legit this is just pretty good that's a joke it's pretty funny all right so what's the next boss i don't have no idea [Music] you're probably wondering why i fought through that instead of coming right through here and coming down or around that panel coming down around the backside of that panel the trough has stopped before the panel stops so this area right here we have extra footage on this we can swing this stuff around if need be in the future if we're planning on putting a second inverter right here um i don't want to put hard pipe there because if we do go that route in the future i'm going to be tearing it out and doing it again so this could be another spot for a inverter later down the road and that's why these are a little bit longer you can unscrew these and actually move them a little bit further over to the right if need be or come around the backside and make something else work we may go with the second inverter i don't know we'll see thank you skillshare for sponsoring today's video i am one of millions who have joined skillshare's online learning community to keep growing and exploring i initially joined skillshare to expand my knowledge on videography but i quickly got swept away by excitement 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can get a free trial of their premium membership so no matter what 2021 brings you can spend it creating something meaningful with skillshare's online classes because time is what we make of it now let's get back to the build frankie you missed my group up dude [Music] just push it through yeah you could be on the inside yeah there you go how far do you want it to go in [Music] hello ty you did it though it was tough all right so next thing was cut two pieces of pipe at 18 and seven eighths put the lbs on the end of them and push them into the connectors here and we'll tighten them down okay all right [Music] josh uses his channel locks all the time because this is how he treats his sockets [Music] i'm so ashamed right now [Music] [Music] uh [Music] [Music] so [Music] i'm not going to tighten up the ways we're actually probably going to end up taking it off to get the wire pushed through there probably get caught through here it does sometimes so next one so the pipe is done so the next step is we're going to start pulling all the wire from the generator so we're going to pull the feeder from the generator to the uh inverter we also got to pull two start wires we need to get power for a battery charger and with the directions it shows it needs a utility power circuit senses when it loses power and i don't have the utility i guess we'll go over that here in a few minutes after we get all the wire pulled and why i'm not going that route versus a two-wire start grab the sass and walk the plank [Music] you're just pulling off the reel girl [Music] obviously all right so i'm going to push it through this pipe right here i want you to go on the other side it's going to come out the hole the ob intercepted i want you to pull it off long enough to come through on the pipe go through the liquid tight and have enough time into the uh generator if you have a few feet longer that's fine that'll be good i do have extra wire here all right [Music] i might need a touch of paint now you need me to show you how to wire up this generator or you think you can handle that on your own hey go ahead aaron this is your hot yep this is your ground yep this is your neutral yep and this is your second startup wire nope what would you call it i'd call it black a phase of red b phase to both my hots my uh ground and my uh neutral the start wires aren't pulled yet and their control wires not line voltage just saying i was just making sure you're paying attention yeah [Music] [Music] we did that pretty easily yeah so it'd be safe getting all power off wired up that man there was fine let's go ahead and kill power real quick so i can get in there and real fast it'll be good right thank goodness we have you here obviously if it were just me i'd be getting my water out of a creek and i would have no power true [Music] [Music] all right we're done here we officially closed this guy up and never opened him ever again that's pretty exciting yeah so the my the best part about this is let's get the control wire down through here we can actually close the bottom chop up for good it will never ever have to be opened ever again this has been a long time coming it has it's just been it's been such a long project yeah for like weeks and weeks and weeks between the powerhouse and the solar panels would have been done a lot faster faster if it didn't snow every single day for the past month i know it is what it is we got we got it done there we go so we're gonna close this trough up and give about four to five weeks and probably put a couple receptacles on the outside of this thing or one on this side and one next to a generator and uh pull them back in that traffic into that panel so you are going to open that back up yes okay i thought that was a little weird when you said that i was like yeah it's not done [Music] plumbers are the ones who are supposed to have crack josh not you the thing about this god bless me and put all the weight up front not in the back i don't call a muffin top bless josh oh muffin top so funny [Music] i gotta drip a wire into there so here's the thing i'm gonna go into my spiel on why i'm doing this hold on a second i'm getting ready for your spiel off geez you kidding me or no i'm in for the long haul babe what you gonna talk about explain all right about so generator i look at all the directions this thing seems so i bought the generator look oh my god so we bought the generator yeah she's so she she has the dog we didn't share with me you guys didn't know notice that i'm a second class citizen compared to that dog can i get a bite make me i don't know you got three cookies i want a whole cookie okay come on thank you i'm happy about that oh what's up so about the generator it's not i've wired i've never bought a house generator before i've done multiple big generators on big commercial jobs um it's always a two wire start to start even ats and uh you're losing more power everything flips over as soon as and the wires i guess make contact it's not the ats it was just two wires goes their gen generator those wires make contact generator turns on therefore then you're running on emergency power then when utility comes back on and so let's know you the tilt is back on it sends wires back sends up that right there is why i brought snacks hold on folks we're in for the long haul i'm trying to do this so it's not long and dragged out and boring but if i can't if i don't give enough information that's the issue so i got snacks it's gonna be a long long chat yeah i get it i get it okay so we got a generator um this generator so we got a generator a typical genera so we got a generator i've never wired a household generator for or this this type of household generator airport or any household today [Music] what the hell what was that okay round five now i'm going to my spiel um i've never bought a house generator before i've wired big generators for commercial jobs on rooftops and bigger generators it's always a two bar star so you have an ats um you lose normal power it sends a signal back to the generator with two bars generator starts turns on so i buy this generator i go through the manual and everything looking for the i guess for the uh two wires go to and uh what it has here is uh utility sense so it has a neural power of line one no power line two so if you lose utility power it knows you lost power we don't have utility here we're 100 percent solar um our solar setup with our uh connex ags has a two wire start so with all the manuals they had it didn't show anything for a two hour start um i got a plan on how to make it all work with the uh rib relay to turn the voltage on and off with that ags um before i execute that that plan i called generac got a hold of them they said yes there is a two wire start we have we have it here we can send you i guess the wiring diagram on it so they send it to me here and it goes with the evolution 2.0 in the back of these two things right here i got to jump a wire inside of this guy right there and i got to jump a wire into i think that guy right there once you get the wires in there plug it in the two wires coming off if i do touch those two wires together like that the general's going to turn on you take the wires off the generator is going to shut off so that's the way we're doing it so this is my start wires right here that goes to the ags easier said than done that right did it make sense i don't know it all went over my head to be quite honest i'm sure it made sense to somebody and if it didn't hopefully they grabbed their own set of cookies well i mean you gotta have a little better than a fifth grade reading level iron to uh understand this so i get it do you understand it all right so we got the feeder from our generator that goes to our inverter we also now we have our black number 12 wire it's gonna be for our battery charger and our new toolbar battery charger that's gonna come from the panel inside the house [Music] got my steak on all right so real quick the two red wires are the start wires like i said it makes contact the generator turns on so this is our ags let's go to the settings real quick ags and right now generator mode is manual off so so you see right now i touch these two wires right there you hear nothing once i hit generator manual and turn it on manually it's gonna start ringing when it rings that's what makes a connection for that generator to start see this thing clicked it closed the relay now you're making contact the generator should be starting up right now the gas isn't hooked up but that's how it all works [Music] turns it off mode second just turned on once we get everything hooked up and we get the gas line hooked up we've written our propane tank from uh southern states gonna come out here they'll hook make the connection from the propane tank to the line we're going to do the gasoline ourselves but they'll make that connection and once that happens we can go ahead and put this guy on automatic so if it reaches a certain voltage for a certain amount of seconds the generator will kick on or charge the batteries up and then uh i'll turn itself back off and we'll run on the batteries and solar the generator is just a backup for those nasty nasty winter days we're getting days and days of snow so that's just a back up to make sure we're backed up on everything [Music] off yeah let's take the dog so i guess we're going to the creek real quick yeah [Music] you made a little snowman yeah what happened on my face [Music] [Music] [Applause] careful now [Music] wait till summer frank you're gonna love it out here oh yeah definitely

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