Garten (Solar) Lichterketten (2/2) – mehr Elektroschrott?

We are now the four that I have
right now there the four solar lights I have now made the amazon
is there on the back of it where it is not far, especially in the
youth through this type of school, which is noticeable because I don't do the whole thing more
baked so that is now the question of how well he can now see the glories
for me the ones that appear here where I now point this so it goes out now that the
yellowish darker ones that appear here are relatively bright here also relatively bright and those here
then rather as you are here on the right he is a bit darker in the middle you have to say
here of course now here rather the here than the here
appear very much so you have to think for yourself what he
thinks is important now so the brightness of the principle hardly with everyone create when
it is really dark so that is now we have an idea b 018 xy lm in the
other variant there again I have already opened 1 of them
and wa r not so sure if this is done just as well now i
have it as needed then we will just open 2 of it and i'm
not that happy with what a phone brush i
did there but we'll get to that too later like that and you can see that
again now because here again the not switched to openings made
on the chip you don't recognize anything anyway, that means the stuff will probably
also oxidize again then also the one that comes to us familiar
similar process that the have to top
once well then to the this amazon id here could now come up with the idea
there is from the back looks similar that maybe the same thing is in there
just a iodine you would also come up with such an idea that is surprising now there
is actually everything What is slightly different is beautiful here
again, of course, and that is really there now, pure sarcasm, of course, here is also
the right poetry on the left, but just this helmut and fathers brushed
into each other and of course the same [ __ ] all the
screws that I should watch out for you now where you have
just closed the cable through at least there so well so
switched today that I would have to fill everything
and now I find it interesting that here I'll show you in any case
that actually interested me in terms of the
instructions or the offer, namely the thing here is almost 50 or so
and that has that is this amazon aldi that is still in there but I am
ok then they are no longer in there is
also no sun right now, so the thing also shines where the sun does not
shine, so you had to take a look at
it yes that is now surprisingly
not your serious now he really doesn't have a moment funny ok so – is connected to each other that
can as some I was already afraid that they would
just do that connected in parallel you have to go to the testicle test so ok
but made songs so win because you have these two external batteries that are
parallel so far we can agree and now we have one of the routes
around and this is a medium with 1, 2 volts if I put a 15
wool line in here okay then I would think I have the positive fulda
kaf fits from here still charge the battery disposal reads nothing okay well that
should work if we are interested we should then charge
water as need light if, by the way, no charging current is
displayed then it could be because you plugged it in immediately 15 ok that seems to work so
it actually only has the battery on i could have also analyzed the circuit
but am too lazy there is definitely something required So
I just fumbled on it schottky diode that
now separates the two from each other that fits what he ge very well you have power
here you have the cable feedthrough that is more or less allowed that
I like it because we have to put a little more
effort into the solar cell that we melt this each on the
plastic and will already fit
the chip is unfortunately packed back then do not actively determine
but at least what needs a certain effort here
whether the whole thing is really
sensible from an energetic point of view now here with normal 15 now want to find
that is a completely different question so on , everyone will probably complain again now
that this reflection of the spotlight really
disturbs I have now rebuilt everything a bit
so you can stop writing the comments again what I
don't really see now this thing that flickers I noticed it right away
and it tells me thought I would have to
and then again after when I get in touch then he put a line gt me
something 100 hertz so that's 113 hearts and that's
what I can see afterwards as a slight flicker you can say it doesn't bother me
so it bugs me it's not really great now, but we can see
whether the others would do the same not always back to the b 01
kfw that is the one with the external led because the one with these colors that is
the one with the more modern smd chip if we look at it, the frequency is
already so high that I can no longer see it flickering That’s going
to be good and I’ve heard all the way back that it’s now the
first 1000 test that’s the one with the discrete components and that’s the one
who trusts this construction, god so you can see it in the same
area no more flickering I know people the flickering in the garden
probably see other problems yes they are all the
candidates again that was as the one with the smb chip who hardly filmed
but 100,000 program on it The push of a button here is the discreet one with the high
frequency of the few modes but worked well and here is the one with this
weird triple or dual power , however the reserve flickers
could be recharged with normal batteries when he has a party
so it opens you up more network for what that is the only thing
that could possibly lead to is the htc extra on off switch to switch to this
mode but this I don't know what this mode
should be good for because I think it looks stupid in the garden
when you Moving too fast rather static that's my
thing or very, very slow transitions that's okay then yes no I am not silent now because
nobody needs to be afraid it doesn't happen that quickly,
I actually didn't comment anymore at the end I have the stuff
epoxy resin has two components it was exactly that is not quite as well known
as silicone it is a clever story we know of course
not yet exactly what this will give at the end, it is clear
we have to wait two years so little background info i looked again
with the burning time i had it all next to each other in the
garden of course that is now really now always smooth
autumn the brake felt three four hours that was it
then even if the sun comes out now if none comes out forget
it that is with everyone so someone has already written as a
comment on another video under separator camping camping or have said
solar cell on it we can do it as once as last
bastl project times as a solar lamp that is really good for the cost but
then also more I get so spiritually spiritually
spiritually hua because it becomes dangerous and the spiritual money then becomes the
flying spaghetti monster pissed off again i'm getting away from the topic was
even keep in mind something like that un as well as a long-term experiment
i hope you were interested i will take with me from the whole thing that the
companies do not go at all these wires i think they can be
wrapped around trees is actually a good story and you know now comes the
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that's it for today I think we'll see you again
on this channel good evening

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