€2,000,000 100% SOLAR ELECTRIC Catamaran SILENT 55 Yacht WALKTHROUGH with SPECS /Outtakes at the end

(Soothing funky intro music) – Hey guys. We're here at Silent 55. We're going to take a look at this new top-notch compound and show you what it's all about. I'm here with Franz. Please introduce yourself. – Well, my name is Franz, I work in marketing and sales for the European team. – It will show you what's around you.

We will ask him difficult questions that we hope he will answer. Take it away! – Let's go! (Soothing music) – I think we'll go ahead first. (Techno music) – This is Silent 55. We have 10kW of solar panels on top of these panels. – OK. Yes. Then he saw from above. – Yes. Two months ago in September, we launched Silent 60, which has a peak solar panel of 16 kW. And in the '60s, everything is a little bigger, right? – I got you. – Yes. Five feet more. – Yes. Five more feet makes a big difference. (Soothing music) This is very nice and spacious. I like how this is actually flipped and gives you a lot more space, with chairs all around. Cute – good! (Soothing music) Tell us what makes her silent. – [Franz] The main difference is that we get all our energy from solar panels.

– OK. – We can, we can power the boat and also, we can also only use appliances powered by solar panels. We have our battery storage here, 210 kWh, three compartments here, I can show you. – Okay. There we go. set of batteries. – They are from empty electronics. It is a good brand. We are silent because we only use, we have electric motors and we have no fumes. We don't have vibrations. Everything on this boat, including propulsion, is electric. – exactly. – OK. What is the sailing speed of the boat? Between 8 and 10 knots.

– Well this sails. And what is the maximum speed? The maximum speed of this machine is 17 knots. – 17! – 17 – This is a big difference between starting and top speed. How long can it last, full speed? – maximum speed. Well, at top speed, you can't go on that long, – obviously – but that's not what the boat was built for. – Let's say cruising. Let's start there. – It depends. In five decades, you basically have unlimited scope. – Because it's constantly charging. – It's constantly charging, exactly. At 17 knots we can't go on for long, but that's not the usual case. – right. – [Franz] We do eight to 10 knots, a few hours a day. We can use, we can use the air conditioner and all other appliances during the day, the refrigerator is working. No problem at all. This is how it usually looks. – [Axles] Right. So, if you're not running the air conditioner, and if you're going fast, let's say it's eight knots, what's the range? – [Franz] In solar only, eight decades, we can do about 10, 11 hours.

– [Axes] 11 hours. OK! Well, that's a good amount of time. – [Franz] Yes. – [Axles] It obviously has a backup generator. – Generator yes. – [Victoria] All right. (Delightful techno music) – [Victoria] So this gentleman? – [Franz] No – [Victoria] No. – We have two cabins on this side. The VIP cabin is on the other side and the main cabin is in front of it. – Oh ahead! Wonderful! – Yes, four cabins.

– Very cool. OK. (Upbeat techno music) – [Franz] These are electric motors, 250 kW this, as I said, is the E-Power version, meaning 250 kW electronic motors, at 210 kWh, kept in capacity. (Joyful techno music) – There are VIP cabins here on the other side. – [Photographer] So we're at 55, right? – Yes. This is 55. Feeling pretty good. huh? You feel beautiful spacious! Welcome to the VIP cabin! It really is a good size cabin. Really good sized VIP. – [Franz] Sure. – Wonderful. – [Franz] Especially the bathroom. – [Axles] Absolutely. (delightful techno music) – Oh, I see Mr. – Yes! Yes. Advanced gentlemen always intrigue me. This actually has a fair amount of headroom. Really interesting! Very good amount of head space. This is one I've seen at some of the other companies that offer it. (Exhilarating techno music) – And. Let's check this out. This is good! A four-compartment version, it definitely looks like a master because it feels a little different and has a bit more flow; Against an equal type at 55.

You will have such a similar type of cabin. Well, this is a good space. Nice shower behind. (Cheerful techno music) There are a few hatches in there, which is probably really nice to open for airflow, because obviously that's not open, but you've got a hatch here, hatch here, hatch there. So this probably actually created a good amount of trading here. Plus you can turn on the AC all the time and not worry about anything. So that's kind of cute. So what's really cool about this is the layout, is that obviously this window opens, you know, sort of the standard way we used to do, but also this window opens and there's like a great little bench there that you can hang outside. Very nice. I love that! I like the way you laid out the kitchen. It looks like a really good space.

Full size refrigerator. How big is this boat? – That's the 80', Silent 80, but the three-story version, we launched the treetop in Cannes this year as well. And here you have the third set, as you can see, this is the open version and you can also have it as a closed version. So you have another floor, air conditioning, swimming pool. – [Victoria] Right. – [Franz] And yes, this floor can also be customized according to your needs. For example, you can build there, the master suite with a 360-degree view. – OK. So the solar panels on this boat look just like that. So their flash build looks great on this boat as well. – [Franz] Yes. like here. – [Axles] All right. So, I have a question, a technical question for you.

So with solar panels, I keep hearing that once you mount them into something, the biggest problem with loss of capacity is if they don't breathe. So how do you guys solve a problem, you know, that it's just a flash installation and it doesn't have room to cool it down. – If we log on the top floor, you can see that between each solar panel there is enough space for the wind to pass through. Wind flows. So they're not the same together, like – no no no – well, there's space. (Soothing music) – We go up to a flyover. (Soothing techno music) – You can cut this down. – Yes – then you have a complete flat roof.

– What's the use of that? The purpose? – So you don't have any shade on the solar panels. – Uh! – From a flyover. And if you want to do that, just press Helm Station. right? – Just pull this down and this one down, you're ready to go just to get it off. – So you just unhook it and then it's electric or? – It's hydraulic, yes. Electrical and electrical. – electricity. OK. so interesting. I've never seen that before. This is a very interesting concept. (soothing music) – length, boat beam. This boat is 16.7 meters long. meters, and the crossbar is approximately nine metres.

– Well, almost nine meters, okay. How many of these did you guys make? Is this the first? – No, this is the sixth. – So this is Hal Six? – This is Temple Number Six. – OK. exactly. And two more in line 55. – Understood. – We also have six orders for Silent 60. – All right. – which we launched now. OK. – That just fired. – Exactly – Very cool. Obviously, people love and care about him. Where do most boats go? Is it Europe? Is it the Bahamas, Florida? – Well, this is sold out and will remain in this area. Florida and the Caribbean. So almost everywhere around the world, but of course the Mediterranean, Greece and the Caribbean, are our favorite places. – I got you. So there are many, few of them residing in the Mediterranean.

-Yes. – OK. Going to sail. I know you have 60 and 55. – Yes. – What are the other models? – Now we have six models in total. We have 44, 55, 60, 80. And what you saw inside, on the scan, is one of 80 triangular surfaces. – just awesome. Very cool. OK thank you so much. It was a pleasure. – You're welcome! – Thank you guys for watching. Excuse me. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. And we'll see you later. (Soothing music ) Hi guys. (Sea water is flowing) (People talking in the background) – I know, we'll do it. In fact. We must do it now. Let's do that now. – [Riko] Do you think? -Yeah, that's really cool. I really loved it. Want to enter? – [Riko] The generator was running – Yeah, good question it's just hot, I feel like I'm losing my mind a bit. This is in case you want someone to watch in case you get a partner.

(laughs) You never know! – [Riko] You never know. – You never know! Hello! (upbeat closing music).

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