Dokio 80 Watt Portable Solar Panel, Unboxing & Quick Review

A'ssalam & Welcome to my my channel Hookedbyefry today, I would like to do another unboxing video let's all see what's in this parcel this is an unopened parcel let's us open the parcel together as usual, knife handling make sure (knife) locked I think we can see the product in a few seconds I'll put in the video description regarding the price & all (links) this is the company DOKIO the one that i order was the 80 watt monocrystalline I ordered the complete package with charge controller all this is the portable version I order this at Lazada because at Shopee the price is too expensive I'll put the seller info in the description below good packaging comes with bubble wrap and all this is the package this is the accessory solar charge controller make sure u don't cut the panel lhis is the front let see how the panel looks like it got velcro attached ok built wise beautiful the built wise is beautiful let us look at the solar charge controller first got user manual this is the solar charge controller this is the inputs this is from solar, from solar the input goes here this is battery input and this is for load and this both is for USB while charging you can use the USB directly this is for charging directly using USB let's see what's inside the plastic bag long cable (SAE Cable), from panel to charge controller crocodile clipper cable (battery connection) it also comes with few attachments maybe this is for different connection types later we'll figure out, which is which since this is my first time also I'll study the user manual later I'll update more once, i've already tested the solar panel, until next time i'll see you in the next one A'ssalam & welcome to my channel Hookedbyefry, since today's very hot, it;s a good day to test out our solar panel, the Dokio 80 Watt Portable Solar Panel For this simple setup, just place the solar panel on top of the car, to show a simple setup for campercar solar setup the cable goes thru here straight to solar charge controller this is a sample 12ah 12volt battery I'll dismatle everthing and will show you what's the battery capacity this is the charge controller for solar setup it's better to connect the battery first before connecting to the solar panel the usual connection red (+ve) black (-ve) and don't connect it wrongly, then connect to charge controller then you can check the battery capacity (volt) one we had connected the battery, we now can connect the solar panel input reading shows 13 volt here u still can charge 2 usb device the usb 2 port can charge device even without connecting to battery so now we are goona let it charge first, let see how long will it charge a battery this is what i mean by it can charge usb device with the extra usb slots so now we are harvesting the energy from the sun for remarks now the time is 3.30pm we'll check back later, we are just gonna leave it as it is ok now it's 4.42 pm , been more than an hour, and it still charging I'll try disconnecting the panel ok now the battery 12.9 V zero means no input comes in since i've disconnect the panel im now sure what is what let's try connect back ok it got connected back 0.6 amp charge in 13.7 Volt Ok this package works example, if you have extra battery u can charge multiple battery by using parralel battery setup, as simple as connecting +ve to +ve and -ve to -ve and it will charge all battery in 12V System so i think this panel works so this is my updates for today I'm currently testing the solar panel just want to test, the weather is cloudy earlier it was at 50%, now it's at 57% it seems mono type solar panel although cloudy it can still charge, still can generate energy 15-20 min can get 7% consider ok with this cloudy weather, later i'll update again just testing, here it got USB Output and here it says this controller can charge a USB device without connecting to the battery, simply just connect the solar panel and make sure it had enough sun light charging 57% while camping, you can charge your battery by simply connecting the device the charging is quite fast, good

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