Do Solar Systems Require Maintenance?

Today, we’re here to talk about maintenance
as it relates to solar. My name is Charles Fox, I’m the Vice President
of Sales and Marketing , And I’m Warren Miller, the Director of Sales
and Marketing here at Paradise. So we all lead busy lives and we’re not
looking to make our life more complex, add more things to it, you know solar is another
thing that could go wrong. If our viewers are busy people and have that
mindset, maybe I like that investment but I just don’t want to make my life, I don’t
want to add anything else to my life, what would you respond or how would you help the
viewer? One of the beautiful things about the solar
is that there are no moving parts.

That’s assuming you don’t add technology
or trackers or anything to it. But if you have a solar array like we have
here Charles or on your roof, there’s no moving parts to the solar system. They just sit and they work. But even better than that, is there’s no
maintenance required from the homeowner or the business owner side of things. So if you buy a solar array from any reputable
solar installation company, they’ll maintain it for you.

There’s high voltage and electricity going
through these arrays, we don’t want customers climbing up onto their roof, just leave the
solar alone – it’ll work. It’s more important that you look at the
company’s warranties and make sure that they’re going to guarantee what the solar
is going to produce. And everybody looks at the solar panels as
the thing that’s going to fail – it’s kind of the face of the solar project. But the reality is, if a solar panel works
from day one, it’s going to slowly get less efficient over time, but that is not your
point of failure. One thing you’re going to want to consider
is your inverter.

Your inverter is what’s converting the power
from DC to AC. At some point, in, you know, 15, 20, no one
knows, but typically 15 to 20 years, you’re going to probably have to replace an inverter. That’s going to be the maintenance that’s
required, and that’s not even something that you’re going to do as a homeowner or
a business owner. No, from a homeowner or business owner perspective,
there’s really no maintenance when it comes to solar. Your solar installation company will take
care of that for you, your solar panels will sit there, they’ll keep working, if you
have an inverter failure down the line, you solar installation company will come out and
replace or repair that inverter for you.

Yeah, and we get the question about snow. Snow is going to come on my panel, now that’s
going to require something of me to get the snow off the panel, is that, you know, a recommendation? Absolutely not. You know, when we look at designing or engineering
a system, we calculate the weather patterns for that specific location of that array.

And we account for snow, pollen, dusting. Just leave the panels alone, the rain will
wash them and clean them, and they’ll produce what the company guaranteed them to produce. So just maybe to summarize this real quickly,
there’s very little maintenance on a solar project. Don’t let that be the limiting factor or
the reason you choose not to go solar. I would encourage you to talk to someone who
has solar and find out what time investment it’s created for them. I think you’re going to find there’s very
little time requirement of a solar owner. Yeah, great advice Charles..

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