DIY best info on Solar panels for inground swimming pool

hello thugs South Carolina here I wanted to show you how my husband and I or mostly my husband built our solar panels we have watched every YouTube video out there and we decided hey let's give it a shot see what we come up with so bear with me of the angle of my phone here because I'm going to be turning it back and forth that I wanted to actually get the where the water is coming in at and let you see what the temperature is coming through our solar panels and then I'm going to go back and tell you exactly what we did and how to make those yourself so give me one second here is I lift this up and check it I have it coming out at a pretty good speed I have my little frog thermometer here I'm putting him on the end I'm letting the water run through there and I'm telling me this for this pretty hot and if you can say that I am almost a hundred of actual air and is a hundred and can degrade what water and this is running into there I found out this seed of water was good to make sure that we use the best possible that we could as far as you know keeping the heat off of the water now as you can see there's another tube coming in over here now this cube is actually taking water out of the pool and I wanted you to see I have a pretty good size above in-ground pool here it's probably about 22,000 gallons of water as an l-shape so we knew we needed to make something pretty big here to work and it's working beautifully the here's the tube that's going out of the pool and I did put both in the deep end and as you can see and it's going here into this freak ler 1/4 power pump that we bought it was now my TV that we have is actually 3/4 inch I saw some people did 3/8 or 5/8 some of them did a half we went with the 3/4 and yes it is a little bit harder to work with but it also really helps when you're trying to do a larger panel and really bring this water in here want it up I'm going to show you now as you can see here's the one that's going in and you can tell and it's coming here over the fence and it's coming out of these panels right here now I'm going to go around and show you the panels themselves as you can see my husband built a frame to put these up on just using basically two by fours the panels themselves we use 3/4 inch plywood now this is treated lumber everything is treated 3/4 inch plywood and the tubing is a hundred foot per panel and we decided to do 10 I wanted to maybe go to 12 but I figured hey you know if I get 10 to get my husband to do 10 I'm probably better take it in run now I did have the perfect heel here for this because this is what the pool company left us so I would have liked to thought a nicer slope but it didn't work out that way so we still have some finishing up on our our landscaping and things here but we just got these installed and finished about a week ago so we use 3/4 inch tubing 3/4 inch plywood as you can see we use one by ones I believe those were won by ones that we use to frame it for each one and those are conduit clamps that you can buy in the electrical department that we used to do it and I saw someone go like through the panel if you see that one at the top so we started that and I'm like why are we doing that we need to keep as much tubing above ground a sauce will not put it up under there where it's shaded so as you can see from here on out we just ran them across we didn't put any plexi on it or anything we figured at this point what we could do is just come out here and blow these off ever so often with our blower and you know hose them off if we wanted to to keep them clean we just ran this tubing all the way up and around and back to our pop now I'm going to go over here and show you what our air temperature is today I've got a little bit of cloud cover right now but that should go away here we go here comes back the Sun and I go over here and show you now to our this is our extra spot money and it says our pool temperature is at 78 degrees but our air temperature is 86 degrees so it's a pretty one day today so this pool water is going to be heated up very quickly so thank you for watching I think this is pretty much all the information that I can give you as to what we did we did prime and paint our plywood first just use the flat black paint we primed it we're just some kilts and then went back and use a flat black on it the black TV we did put a tarp down up under it to prevent grass from growing and then of course now we're going to come back around with some some pine straw and maybe some plants in here to kind of fill in but I will also tell you that when we were started this project we found out that the the pool itself on a warm day would come up about 1 degree but adding this solar it brings it up about 4 degrees so I actually I probably only have a couple more days of running this and today is it's not even made yet so as you can see it's up kind of is pretty warm but not so not so warm that that we couldn't stand to heat up the pool with who especially if we wanted to get it in mid to later April okay listen thank you for watching and I hope that I was some help oh one more thing I did want to mention and you may have seen that when we were trying to figure out what do you do about this and of course we did all these clamps on TV here when we put the hundred-foot together you just go to Lowe's and the plumbing department they'll help you out with that there was like a little insert people plumbing and then we'd use those clamps but I also put that and you probably saw that in the beginning I'll put one of those on the end of it clamp that put that on there so that it would also regulate how fast the water came out okay that's it guys thank you so much for watching and have a great day good luck making your own solar panels bye bye

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