Crazy Solar Power Plants

if I told you we could harvest energy from a giant ball of nuclear fusion 93 million miles away you'd probably say I was crazy but you'd be wrong hey there sunshine trace here for dnews solar is one of my favorite methods of power generation currently in existence but it can be difficult to find places to secure land for solar power plants a pair of companies in Switzerland are teaming up to try something novel not securing land at all vut aossa and Dolores have been working for several years on three floating power plants no land and now it appears their Solar Islands will finally be built and launched onto Lake no Chatel in Switzerland the islands will be 82 feet across and contain 100 photovoltaic cells they'll be programmed to automatically turn and follow the path of the Sun from maximum efficiency regular dnews Watchers may already know this but most power plants are actually just making steam to create power these are no different the solar panels are going to concentrate the sunlight like a magnifying glass with an ant if you will and directing it at a boiler to produce steam the steam then turns a turbine and boom electricity these solar islands may seem pretty far-fetched but a working prototype was launched in Abu Dhabi in 2009 and it has been working really well so now investors are on board and these babies are on their way as an added benefit the islands have a life of about 25 years which if I remember from my SimCity days that's pretty good plus they are made of all recyclable materials as Earth's power needs grow we are getting pretty creative with electricity generation how would you feel about harvesting energy from space the National Space Society is advocating for doing just that using solar energy in space and then beaming it wirelessly down here to earth which also reminds me of SimCity went wrong but unlike in SimCity wireless power transmission will not destroy our welcome to mega populace the NSS says the potential space solar power Dwarfs all other types of power generation combined however they acknowledge that the cost of such a system is a big problem we are going to have to make space travel a little cheaper another creative way to harvest energy comes from Britain Solar botanic wants to build a plant in your backyard literally a solar plant in your bit no but it's a plant it's a solar plant it looks like a tree so it's a solar plant it's a get it it's a plant using photovoltaics thermoelectric switches electricity from heat and piezo electric switch is energy from pressure solar botanic wants to create a power plant the leaves are both solar and thermal panels and when they blow in the breeze they harvest wind energy it's just a concept but I've been following this for a while and I would totally buy one of these though I don't know how well it would survive a northern winter what is your favorite way to generate electricity floating solar islands space beaming something more traditional like natural gas or bicycling tell us all about it and thanks for tuning in everyone adios

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