Couple Builds Solar Power System

as you guys can see aaron's starving right now look at her you know we're actually uh going back to my old job real quick i'm showing up with a bunch of downs for everybody i called the company that i used to work for and i needed to borrow a tool for the crimping of the cables and luckily they said come by and use it real quick are you sure no i know i'm not sure if everybody plays or not this is kind of ridiculous they usually have trailers and stuff and that's what's going on here but i found it there's trucks right here hey nobody's here that's definitely their office though hey dude i'm in your barn man all right back what's up how's it going so we got our 4 out welding cable this is what's going to actually attach to our batteries we're going to take our high pressure crimp with our high press and crimp everything i came by here because in order for me to buy one of these it's hundreds and hundreds of dollars so i put my old company up came by they're gonna let me use theirs real quick and uh it's nice little freebie [Music] come on [Music] [Music] so [Music] okay [Music] so today we are going to be starting by wiring all of the lightning arrestors and then josh is going to go through and make all the terminations for both the charge controllers and the inverter last time he went through and got everything bonded and i have to say that there's a lot of really awesome things about being married to josh but one of them is definitely the patience that he has when it comes to teaching me about all of this stuff because i know nothing but after getting to spend time with him and watching him do his thing like i actually feel like i'm starting to understand some things my head hurts at the end of the day but uh i'm actually enjoying it and liking it so it's kind of fun [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign oh hey how you doing that's good [Music] do once i'm done finding the midnight solar box i'm gonna go back pull wire from the charge controllers and start wiring up the inverter [Music] [Music] [Music] so we have the negative wire tied into charge controller three it comes through has the negative bus back here in the back side of this uh inverter we're gonna go ahead and do all the negatives first because it's in the back corner and if we start doing the positives as we go it's going to block access so once we get the negatives done we'll start the positives [Music] so [Music] so so [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] so we're getting ready to call it a night because it is getting a little bit late and i think that i've just about absorbed all the information i can absorb but first josh has this crimping tool right here it's not for his beard hair now it's for one hot and smaller so he is going to rock out the crimping and then we're going to go to bed right right [Music] um [Music] [Music] this thing's good [Music] so the charge controllers are wired up and finished we are actually these are done now i'm not quite let's go over real quick how this all works so you see right here you have your pv positive negative that's your uh solar array or your panels they come in positive ties in your negative comes in we have our lightning arrester also coming right here my negative my positive and then on these two it goes from 420 volts and it comes out and down to around 54 volts of charging our batteries so it comes down right here off the battery terminals comes on over i'm actually this guy right here actually goes up ties into the top of this hundred amp breaker and then from the bottom of the breaker it ties into the bus bar for the inverter that's just charge controller three is wired up that way only uh because i don't have enough space for two more breakers in here so we actually have a midnight solar box mounted right there that goes to charge controller one and two it's all the same exact thing the way the panels come in and get wired up but it comes my negative comes off and goes in goes directly to the inverter our positive comes down comes around comes up to the breaker in our midnight solar box it comes in comes back out comes down comes back through and ties directly to our bus on our positive right here um chart controller one's exact same way as that one so it comes to the positive bus right here and it goes to a breaker it's all bolted together my breaker goes out here turn on right there turns on the inverter um nothing's turned on now the store raised not connected the batteries are obviously not connected the batteries will have wires coming through and they're going to tie into the bus bars so once we get that connected we'll turn everything on life keeps moving on even when all your dreams are gone [Music] [Music] [Music] well it's day 100 of working in the powerhouse let's take three that's how i press that ground because the ground that goes to ground runs is now too short because i got moved over that way so it's too short so we're gonna high press that guy back together um connect it bring the wires up from this panel tie those guys in not tie him in yet because we're still on generator but this stuff can get done tie in from our ac load to the breaker and get it all wired up once that's said and done we can close this guy back up because it's done and all we got to do after that is put the battery cables on run some low voltage through there and then make some connections wire a few things up hit a couple buttons punch a couple numbers in and uh rambo we got power what do you think tell me when it's done okay not funny [Music] so [Music] so [Music] so um let's take did you find it i did so oh i'm still waiting to figure out if you're serious or not oh i am serious okay so you're fine so we're having a small small issue we actually knew the issue was an issue so it's not a big deal we actually prepped for the issue [Laughter] so tell us more about the issue oh geez it's not really an issue obviously we planned for it so it's not really an issue right with my face getting red [Laughter] so um the groundwater goes to ground rods we move the inverter about a foot and a half two feet that way so the ground the wire that goes to the ground while it's too short so we bought a high press lug we'll butt splice it we've got some extra number six wire so we'll crimp it all together tie it in and then all that stuff is inside the inverter is done the last two things we do have to do is connect the battery cables go to the bus bars outside of the inverter and also all the zambus wire that goes from inverter to charge controller so and so forth just ties everything together they all talk to each other cool no issue no issues none [Music] so uh let's put this top cover on because we're actually done up there um take care of this i'm this girl gets closed up [Music] the zan bus is your beard talking it's okay [Music] all right pull this and bust josh chuck explain what we're doing or now no you plug it in and you go it's plug and go okay okay let's go all right are you serious right now maybe i should just give her the camera [Music] [Music] [Music] the next step we're gonna go ahead and uh connect these uh battery cables real quick i actually had these high pressure got these hot presses at my old company thank you guys i appreciate you so now let's go back through and uh connect these guys [Music] [Music] [Music] that'll work for now [Music] you

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