Construction of Solar Impulse 2, the Round-The-World Solar Airplane

several years ago following his circumnavigation of the
globe in a hot air balloon Bertrand Piccard promised that his next
voyage around the world would use only renewable energy. a few
months later he made Andre Borschberg entrepreneur
and seasoned pilot and together they set themselves a
challenge beyond the limits of the imagination André committed himself to the task of
building testing and flying a revolutionary
prototype plane while Bertrand traveled the world
bringing together partners and promoting the clean technologies
that can safeguard our planet's natural resources 5,4, 3, 2, 1, go! We made it guys! We made it absolutely unbelievable with this plane they made the
first 24 hours solo flight in history and flew across Europe Africa and the United
States in a few months time they will attempt
to fly around the world in a second plane powered exclusively by solar energy.

To make this happen the Solar Impulse engineers have had
to rethink their ways of working to look at things differently and see
the bigger picture the first aeroplane was a test, a flying
laboratory the second is the plane for the journey
built to make very long flights longer than
any plane has ever made, it's more powerful more efficient and above all more
reliable the new cockpit has been designed and built
so that the pilot climbing every evening to an altitude of
eight thousand meters where the lack of oxygen is fatal to a
human being can survive for five consecutive days
and nights the team members had to train test themselves discover the limits of
human endurance and ensure that the cockpit is as ergonomic as possible every section every element of the plane has been
rethought and built to be even lighter and more resilient than before. the weight
has been reduced gramme by gramme thereby increasing
performance and available energy then the plane has been tested again and
again in order to guarantee overall reliability pushing back the limits of the materials
the engineering and the team.

one of the most critical test of this fuselage we did so much simulation so much calculation that of course it should work but as we are
so close to the limits you never know certainly at this moment we'll have the maximum emotion in this test. for the
being it works energy efficiency has been increased to
ensure it can stay in the air for longer periods and fly even further.

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