Companies gather at 2021 Net-Zero EXPO to promote green energy transition in S. Korea

there are plenty of products being developed for individuals looking to reduce carbon footprint one event showcases new tech at the forefront of the push to net zero carbon kim jong-un takes us to the 2021 net zero expo this wind turbine model might look small but 100 full-size turbines can replace a thermal power plant this moving solar panel has a special sensor that follows the sun to pick up the maximum rays as south korea aims to go carbon neutral by 2050 these green technologies are becoming more crucial than ever in securing and diversifying sustainable sources of energy and that is why the government is holding its first net zero expo where almost 300 firms are gathered to showcase their green energy products and technologies while achieving net zero is a crucial goal that process also bears possible risks like we're currently seeing in china to avoid this technological innovation is crucial and we expect this expo to provide momentum for such innovation as the country's green transition picks up pace a wide range of products could appeal to customers with different needs this colored solar panel not only saves energy but can also serve as a great decoration for the outside of a building going carbon neutral means changes also have to come from us individuals in our daily lives just like the solar panel that generates enough electricity for families to easily charge their electric cars at home other than installing solar panels ordinary households can contribute to cutting carbon emissions by only using home appliances like air conditioners that are energy efficient and here at the expo the booths themselves are green with lg electronics setting up a booth made from recyclable resources and waste wood the container for our booth will be donated after the event is over our product packaging is also recyclable we also aim to cut carbon emissions during production by 50 and have longer plans of switching to renewable energy at all our facilities running from october 13th to 15th the event aims to serve as a space where companies can freely interact with customers while also seeking possible expo routes there are also various programs for the general public including live streaming shows and online quiz shows kim sung min adidas

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