China Solar Energy | DuPont Chapter 1 – Plugging Into the Future

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>> JIN LI-CONG: I study at Peking University, College of Engineering, Center for New Energy
Systems. 00:00:12:20, 00:00:14:22
>> JIN LI-CONG: This is the third year of my doctoral program. 00:00:16:06, 00:00:20:07
>> JIN LI-CONG: As a student, I chose to study renewable energy because I think it's a good
career path. 00:00:21:20, 00:00:26:00
>> JIN LI-CONG: Energy problems started to arise in our generation. So we are starting
to pay more attention to this. 00:00:29:23, 00:00:33:20
>> LINDA WU: DuPont's PV R&D Center in China provides a great place 00:00:33:21, 00:00:37:15
>> LINDA WU: for DuPont and local Chinese customers to cooperate. 00:00:39:00, 00:00:43:22
>> LINDA WU: In 2013, China is going to become the biggest PV market. 00:00:44:01, 00:00:47:09
>> LINDA WU: That's why we've established such a comprehensive PV research team in China 00:00:47:10, 00:00:50:20
>> LINDA WU: which is geographically very close to our customers.

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>> SHI DINGHUAN: We must accelerate the adjustment of our energy structure, 00:00:56:04, 00:00:59:07
>> SHI DINGHUAN: and reduce total energy consumption, especially that derived from coal. 00:00:59:08, 00:01:02:19
>> SHI DINGHUAN: For years, we thought that renewable energy is not a stable source of
energy. 00:01:02:20, 00:01:07:22
>> SHI DINGHUAN: How can we convert these natural resources barely under human control, 00:01:07:23, 00:01:10:18
>> SHI DINGHUAN: to a stable and reliable energy system, to guarantee energy security? 00:01:10:19, 00:01:12:10
>> SHI DINGHUAN: This is the big challenge we face.

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>> XIE XIAO PING: This Qaidam Basin is rich in solar energy. 00:01:19:03, 00:01:24:15
>> XIE XIAO PING: Daylight here lasts for a particularly long time, so building a power
plant here gives us a unique advantage. 00:01:24:16, 00:01:30:17
>> XIE XIAO PING: This power station is the world's largest individual parallel PV power
station. 00:01:30:18, 00:01:34:11
>> XIE XIAO PING: We experience dramatic temperature extremes between day and night, 00:01:34:12, 00:01:38:10
>> XIE XIAO PING: frequent sandstorms in the spring, and heavy winds.

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>> XIE XIAO PING: So we needed to consider the durability of the components. 00:01:42:03, 00:01:45:17
>> XIE XIAO PING: High-quality products must be chosen. 00:01:50:04, 00:01:52:10
>> ZHENG XIAOQIANG: Yingli Group was founded in 1998. 00:01:53:17, 00:01:54:23
>> ZHENG XIAOQIANG: To put it simply, 00:01:55:00, 00:01:58:02
>> ZHENG XIAOQIANG: our mission is to produce affordable green power for the people. 00:01:59:11, 00:02:03:16
>> ZHENG XIAOQIANG: If you want to lower cost, you need to increase the conversion efficiency
of the battery 00:02:03:17, 00:02:07:18
>> ZHENG XIAOQIANG: so as to reduce the production cost per watt.

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>> ZHENG XIAOQIANG: That depends on your manufacturing process and the performance of the materials
that you use. 00:02:13:20, 00:02:17:03
>> ZHENG XIAOQIANG: Innovation plays a very decisive role. 00:02:18:00, 00:02:21:09
>> ZHENG XIAOQIANG: We started our cooperation with DuPont in 2006. 00:02:22:20, 00:02:27:09
>> LINDA WU: DuPont™ Solamet® products play a crucial role in PV cell conversion
efficiency. 00:02:28:03, 00:02:33:01
>> LINDA WU: We only need half of the modules that were required 12 years ago to generate
the same amount of electricity.

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>> LINDA WU: DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF products maintain a great balance between durability, 00:02:38:04, 00:02:41:05
>> LINDA WU: mechanical performance, and adhesiveness. 00:02:41:22, 00:02:45:18
>> LINDA WU: DuPont™ Solamet® and Tedlar® both help further reduce per-unit electricity-generation
cost, 00:02:45:19, 00:02:49:06
>> LINDA WU: further accelerating the process of achieving grid parity. 00:02:53:23, 00:02:58:16
>> LINDA WU: Theoretically, the amount of solar energy that hits the earth for one hour 00:02:58:17, 00:03:01:17
>> LINDA WU: could meet all human energy needs for a whole year. 00:03:03:07, 00:03:07:06
>> LINDA WU: We are working towards a bluer sky and cleaner water resources for our next

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>> JIN LI-CONG: My research focus is on the utilization of solar energy. 00:03:15:10, 00:03:18:04
>> JIN LI-CONG: After graduation, I want to work for a renewable energy corporation. 00:03:18:05, 00:03:22:07
>> JIN LI-CONG: I believe that by using my knowledge in this discipline working for a
renewable energy corporation, 00:03:22:08, 00:03:25:11
>> JIN LI-CONG: I make a real contribution. 00:03:26:11, 00:03:31:18
>> JIN LI-CONG: In the future, my household will use PV panels, as well as other renewable
technologies. 00:03:32:17, 00:03:36:15
>> JIN LI-CONG: I want my son or daughter to live in a beautiful, sustainable world
like this..

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