Cheap Solar Power for Your Home – DIY Cheap Solar Panels Under $200

[Music] take the quality of your life to the next level help the planet and save money in the process go green light and heat food Sun has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies in modern times solar energy constitutes a great part of Earth's renewable energy resources thousands of years ago people used to make fire now we use it to make power for the entire home and the best thing about solar energy is that it's always there you can't spend it can't run out of it and once you have the means to harness it it's yours for the taking free of any additional costs imagine how much you could save if you had your own power generator imagine the environmental benefits if everyone of us used renewable energy it can start with you and here's how with our step-by-step do-it-yourself video that covers all you need to know about solar energy you will become an expert in building your own solar panels you might say why bother when I can pay somebody to do it however consider this a basic solar installation from a retailer can cost you well over $20,000 but with proper knowledge you can build your own quality solar panel like this one for under $200 our tutorial video contains detailed information on solar panel buildings such as the process of solar power conversion the tools you're going to need detailed schematics on calculating the amount of power you'll need to power your household and the size of the panel accordingly safety precautions you have to take and once we feel that we've shared all the necessary information with you where move on to the actual demonstration of making a solar panel you'll learn how to solder solar cells make stringers test the panel and more so to save thousands of dollars on your energy bill come and visit us on earth 4 energy calm the only place that has a love it or it's free guarantee thank you for showing interest in solar energy and remember the future is green with earth4energy calm [Music]

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