Charging a Goal Zero Yeti 400 Battery w/two Boulder 15W Solar Panels

good morning everyone this is Anthony July 6th 2016 it's about 6:54 a.m. on this beautiful hot and steamy morning what I'm doing this morning is my goal zero yet e400 battery was getting a little low so what I'm doing is I have two of my Boulder 15 solar panels linked together with the clips one here and one at the bottom which I actually couldn't push through all the way but at any rate that panels are still together and the Sun is coming up now I'm going to set these panels in the Sun and we're going to do a test on to see how long it takes to top off my battery so once the Sun comes up and I get these panels out in the full Sun we'll see where the battery level is and we'll see how long it takes to top off with the two bold ar-15 so basically these are just the Balder panels you can link together so right here I've got one daisy chain to the other and then the cord from that one running to the input on the Yeti 400 battery so the battery is going to stay onboard in the stealth van this morning while I well I charged the panels and keep them outside so they'll be outside the van just like that and the battery will stay inside and I'll shut the doors and we should be good to go so let's get this set up in the Sun and then we'll see what it looks like all right guys there's a shot of my panels I got them angled towards the Sun as the Sun rises here this morning and then we'll take a look inside the van and see if they soon as they begin collecting power and transferring it to the battery let's see how that's working out all right it's 7:01 a.m.

You can see the panel's have started collecting or kicked on the showing me that they're working the power is low on watts on the gold zero there we are there so we're going to mark the time at 7:01 a.m. let's just call it 7:00 a.m. today and we'll leave these panels out and we'll come back periodically and check on the battery as it collects as the panel's collect power from the Sun so basically my panels are about you know five or six feet away from the battery I've got them just leaned against a bucket here and there they are I'll just set them once I lock my truck up I'll set them out here for a few hours as the Sun moves I'll just move them and come out and move them around periodically so we should start seeing that battery charge up hmm okay so we have 30 watts two panels or 30 watts to Boulder 15s topping off our battery hopefully uh we'll see how long it takes or at least get it up to you know above halfway so I could begin using it we'll be back periodically today all right guys it's 813 a.m.

Since I put this on you see the input here we are getting really good Sun right now and so that battery is charging just give you a shot here okay we'll come back in a few hours and check out the status all right guys 933 am see the input there son is still blaring looking good okay guys it's 12:40 3 p.m. checking on are charging here can't tell if you can see this or not let's unplug it and see where we are so we are about half way so we got a bar with the charging so far so let's shut this and keep this on till the end of the day and see how everything works out see if we can get another bar before 4 o'clock hey guys it's 4 p.m.

hmm we just took the panels off I'm going to turn this on just so you guys could see so I had them on since 7:00 this morning hmm got about half a charge Apple a full line I didn't move the panel's around as much as I should have tracked the Sun but at any rate we did get some charging in and will continue tomorrow and take it from there but just testing out my gear and tomorrow I may add a third panel to make it 45 watts and see if that boosts it a little bit more I'll give it another shot tomorrow stay ready guys.

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