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so the folks at bio light have done it again they come up with a really cool solar panel setup called the solar panel five-plus I'm going to take a closer look at it coming up on survival on purpose welcome back to survival and purpose my name is Brian thanks for joining me so you may have seen a while back I did a couple of videos on the bio light stove and which is a wood-burning stove that has a a battery pack on it which which powers a fan which accelerates the flame and gives you a better burn but it also uses the heat from the flame to generate electricity which you can charge devices with pretty cool stuff so you can check out those videos if you're interested I also did a video on the kettle charge which is a allows you to boil water and charge devices at the same time too so they do a mild light does a pretty good job of combining technology in innovative ways and come up from cool stuff so the folks at bio light were kind enough to send me this solar panel 5 plus so I can show it to you so in the backyard here I've got a lot of trees not a lot of sunshine because of the trees and one thing that you got to have for solar is sunshine so what I thought we'd do I'm going to take you out front put you put this thing on the hood of the Bronco because it seems to be pretty sunny right now there and we'll take a look at how well this thing works I'll talk about some of the features I think are pretty cool and I'll try to keep the rambling to a minimum ok so once again this is the bio light solar panel 5 plus the solar panel is ten point one two inches by eight point one nine inches by just under 1 inch thick at the widest point weighs just thirteen point seven six ounces features a 2200 mah lithium-ion battery with the power output of five watts at peak Sun the built in battery has a USB output to charge your devices and can also be charged through the micro USB input the solar panel features an auto reconnect for cloudy conditions it is IPX for weather resistant features a 360-degree kickstand so you can get the best position to take full advantage of the Sun also has an analogue sundial which helps you line it up for maximum efficiency and corner latch points to allow you to hang it or fasten it in a lot of different ways okay I know this would be a lot prettier if I was in the woods somewhere I took this thing in the woods last weekend with me on a boy scout campout to make this video rained all weekend solar don't work in the rain so we're gonna do is I'm just going to show you quickly how this works and we'll get back in to the backyard studio so back here you've got two covers you've got your USB marked cover that's for your output if you want to charge this thing you know for you before you leave home to get the battery charged up you can use a micro USB input which is here basic stuff so what we go ahead and plug in the USB to the output and it's 2200 mAh battery and then it's actually got a little lights here indicator lights to show you the battery level so whether or not the battery's charged in full Sun this thing puts out a full 5 watts of power so next step you see it's got a little target up here okay and you can see that the dot in the middle is off-center a little bit so the goal is to get this thing to to be right in the center obviously so think in this case we're going to pull it back just a little bit to get it up with the crosshairs there and then we'll turn it this way a little bit the wrong way turn it this way until it's pretty close in the crosshairs anyway that's what you're looking for you can see that the the shadow is directly in the crosshairs which is gonna mean you're getting a maximum output so now let's plug the phone in and see what we got got our iPhone here I'm trying to get this where you can see this thing because it's hard to see in the bright sunshine plug it in and if you could see it but it came on started charging so it is charging done pretty well I mean that's pretty much what it's decided to do right okay so that's how it works let's take this thing back to the shade and I'll ramble a little more about it okay you may have noticed that I did not do that on the hood of the Bronco I did it on the driveway but cause the black solar panel sort of blended in on the black primer on the father of the Bronco but let's talk real quickly about why I think this is a cool product I know there are more higher capacity solar panels on the market I reviewed some of them they're good stuff not knocking any of them there's there are larger storage batteries on the market this is one of the few that I've seen that actually combine the two though in one cool package so you got a 5 watt output in full Sun you got 22 mAh storage battery which is enough to charge your cell phone most smartphones one time in full Sun the solar panel will charge this storage battery in two hours also by the way this is the nut this battery is enough to power a bio light stove for 20 hours of cooking which is pretty cool I really really like the fact that it's got this 360-degree stand on it that you can turn it all the way around so I mean pretty much any way you need to orient this you're going to be able to do it well you can even hit well you're hanging it or leaning in or whatever and if you don't know which way to oriented the Sun Dial targeting device is an excellent idea in my opinion because I'll tell you when I set this thing up I thought you know I tried just visually to aim it at the Sun it's what I thought was it perfectly and I look at the targeting device and I'm up I'm off typically pretty good bit so this just allows you to make sure that you're getting a maximum effectiveness out of this panel I like the fact that it's ipx4 waterproof which means you can leave this out in the rain it's not gonna hurt anything it puts out a full 5 watts of power it's got the little hanging brackets here um well another thing I really like about it is the low profile I mean it is you see I thin that is that is probably an eighth of an inch stick here maybe and you know the only thick part really this any larger is a battery charging here it's got the battery charged indication light there and tells you what the battery level is so I would use this go ahead and charge up the battery at home with a mini USB then take another power bank with me because I like to be prepared and go ahead and charge my phone from solar when I have sunshine and save this power and then if the phone is charged go ahead and charge the other battery if it comes down and you have a really good solution a good way to keep yourself charged up almost in most situations really it's again I really like the fact that it is just wafer thin very lightweight like 13 something else's and I like the fact that it is made by bio light because I'm telling you everything that I have seen of there's there's been high quality stuff and this looks like no exceptions so if you're looking for a really cool lightweight ultra-thin compact solar solution that there really has a some great features I want to check out the solar panel file plus from the folks at bio light once again thanks to the folks at bio light for sending me this talk show to you and as always thank you for watching survival on purpose thanks for subscribing for clicking that thumbs up for sharing this video and thank you so much for doing your amazon shopping through the survival on purpose links I sincerely appreciate the support once again my name is Brian you're watching survival on purpose remember survival is not an accident so be prepared see you next time at the at the most sunlight so you can pick up the maximum efficiency of the of the I guess you can't really see that so man I am rambling rambling rambling

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