Best Solar Panels – Top 5 Solar Panels 2018 – #48

hello and welcome to pick my solar live
we're live I sure hope we are and it is a wonderful Friday again back with my
esteemed colleague mr. Andrew bear for yet another deep dive an interesting one
this week Andrew we're gonna be talking about the top solar panels on our
platform in 2018 yeah so last year we did this for 2017 I want to show you how
things turned out on our platform for 2018 do a little comparison yeah always
always interesting uh-oh it looks like we're guessing and that one's gonna be
an easy guess number five I'm going to say s energy s energy a little bit later
but they are a Korean manufacturer they're one that we really saw come I
don't want to say out of nowhere on our platform this year but one that kind of
come to prominence they are often features is what we call a base module
from our installers which is their lower-cost option but it is a high
efficiency panel really cost competitive especially in the eastern coast New York
market I'm sure will go a little bit deeper into them later but yeah they
kind of made a little push onto the market this year all right
at number four what you got number four I will guess Panasonic this is an actual
guest now my new folks I'm just that good I don't know what is going to be presenting
itself though I do know with a high level of confidence.

Obviously you're gonna be familiar with the brand
yeah let me make a very high quality solar panel by and large not an extreme
premium offer but it is a it's it's one of those panels which I think we're
going to talk about two of the other panels that there
next all right do you know the list are you are you kind of okay well you should
be number three number three I'm gonna guess oh man this tight mmm I know what
two and three are I just don't know the order mm-hmm I'm gonna Zig where they
want me to zag I'm going Sun power sub power is the cream of the crop
you know that's it's just the best the best panel in the marketplace it does
come at a cost premium but right what we work with or what called some power
master dealers and they get pricing at a better rate and they are really experts
at the installation practice there so we're able to see some power be a little
bit more competitive on our number two panel it should be I'm gonna go LG yeah
not gonna miss the first one after this one
LG really like so now that we have them all on the table
LG SunPower Panasonic those are kind of the three higher wattage premium offers
that we see LG and Panasonic tend to be pretty comparable in terms of cost
wattage efficiency that things like Sun power a little bit more expensive a
little bit better in terms of efficiency and does offer the highest wattage
module on our platform at 370 watch but LG has a wire a wider variety
Oh a wide array of offers so and as you know you LG home you got refrigerators
washing machines TVs people are very familiar with this product so people do
have a high degree of confidence in going with this the most confidence that
we see on our solar platform it's gonna be Hanwha Q cells what they're calling it now
so Hanwha q cells , Q cells we've
heard all of those names but they are going by kind of Q cell I believe yes
they're American launching not launching but they're American branding in solar
so Hanwha Q cells the combination of a German company and a Korean company
so you have German engineering combined with Korean manufacturing all at a very
competitive price which is not a surprise to see them repeat as our
number one number one offer here oh yeah and this is how the numbers actually
shook out it was really close between year two and three made a run this year
but I knew that SunPower is the best yeah people just liked it
people have you know some people want the top of the line you know you are
making an upgrade to your home and that's what some people want some people
are willing to pay for it and truthfully in some cases it's not that much of a
cost difference yeah that's interesting especially the even the Delta between
Q cell and LG there yeah it's it's it's a little different than what we saw in yeah very interesting has a ton of
different options you know we've seen on our platform just in this year wattages
of to 90 to 95 300 305 310 315 325 they just have many products and you know
there's different fits for different installers different fits for different
customers and we have seen a slow and steady kind of climb up you know a lot
of so our installers would maybe have a base offer of a 290 or a 300 and now
those same installers might have a 315 or a 310 you know so there might be just
a slow progression and models like not so dissimilar from an iPhone
to the you know whatever whatever's next where they just you know move a little
port around it might be a little bit different a little bit better but it is
what the industry and where they're going and so they're always innovating
and they have within those waters different types of panels like what
you're looking at right now is what we call black on black so you have you know
the black frame the black solar cells as well as the black backsheet very sleek yeah
if aesthetics are a concern you so can answer that now all their panels like
that some have the white back sheet which actually produces better right but
the silver frame which is these days but aesthetically they'll fit your needs
like I mentioned before they are quite cost competitive and they were a
combination of a korean company, a marriage, i guess between a korean company and
german companies you bring in you know the german manufacturer or the German
engineering Korean manufacturing and it's just a it's a really really great
product and we see yeah you know at the end of the day solar panels are just
producing energy and if you have the roof space and you can go with a lower
wattage option yeah this is a fantastic option yeah similar to Q so in terms of
you statics they have a number of black on black with the black back seat we're
going to look at now is gonna have yeah and so what this is and I don't know if
you want to touch on why the white people actually produce more pretty
pretty simple is that weight reflects light and so if white gets through the
solar cell without activating an electron you want the white back sheet
to bounce the photon back into the silicon crystalline yeah exactly how I
would have said it and and so really what it is it's just it's it's a
marginal difference in terms of production in the end so you're really
kind of trading just a little bit of aesthetics a little bit of production at
the end of the day you know you're not there's not
the manufacturer level but LG they used to I mean they may still offer them we
don't see them on our panel on our marketplace as much a 300-watt which is
kind of what we would consider to be a base model these days kind of now what we're seeing for LG is
315 to 365 you know with different increments in between so we call those a
higher wattage or you know kind of a mid mid to high tier depending on which
waters you're seeing offer in terms of efficiency yeah so that's kind of what
we see when it comes to LG these days and then our number three panel SunPower
what do we some power there the ice efficiency they also offer the highest
wattage on the market right now for residential panels which is a 370 walk
annal yeah so it's the largest if you if all you want is maximum production some
power will be able to get you there if great warranties like I said we work
with master dealers so we're able to get the prices a little bit lower than maybe
if you were just have an installer who wasn't a master dealer it's not as big of a delta as we used to
see which is why you can see that you know 21 percent I think it was mm-hmm
you know that's looking towards yeah and they have what they have built in micro
version you can actually see it on the image on the back end of that and those
comes standard with and so those basically you know you're not really
paying for an inverter they have their own monitoring system SunPower does I
mean it's it's you'd be hard-pressed to find somebody worth their salt in the
solar industry to tell you that there's a better product it's just a matter of
is it worth it in your scenario sure if you have ample roof space my
recommendation would be no but if you want it all needs we can still get it
for you absolutely so at number four was
panasonic what should we think about these panasonic ones yeah they're you
know very similar to LG in terms of quality in terms of wattage in terms of
the efficiencies that we're seeing on our in even price point that we're
seeing on our marketplace so when somebody's looking at LG Panasonic it's
in my opinion it's a toss-up both of these brands have you know some
recognition past solar as well so you know not to kind of skim past Panasonic
but there's a lot of the things that I say to Panasonic the black on black the
efficiency you know what they can do for you and we're the top out at the bottom
those modules there's not there's not much difference but I do think that
there are more there are more installers that offer the LG then there are that
offer the Panasonic which is why I think you see that Delta in our paltform and then
you already touched a lot on that energy is there anything else to add no I would
like to see that one climb though next year because I think it made kind of an
appearance on our marketplace as a more prominent offer about midway through the
year and so I don't know I don't know if it's gonna cut into because it is its
competitive with Q cell in the you know it is a Korean brand it's also in those
those lower wattage but efficiency ranges so they don't they don't have as
many varieties as Q cell so I don't expect it to truly kind of compete just
yet it might be a couple years before we see it on our marketplace rise up the
top I think most installer still prefer Q cell one of the reasons – has to be the
variety that they manufacture yeah they can offer more to their customer and at
the end of the day what you're thinking about is you just want to be able to
give your customer what they need and they're working with one manufacturer
that can offer you explain being a really comparable product at that 300
watt first 300 watt take you so gotcha and then looking at our numbers compared
to 2017 you have touched on this before but yeah so Q cells is staying on
top their merchants of victory kind of came down a smidge right
and then Hyundai which was our number two and 2017 really fell off the board
yeah that's interesting I mean it I I wish I had some context as to why yeah
my guess would just simply be that you look at look at the increase of you know
the percentage of our marketplace that took LG SunPower
Panasonic you know those all came up you know by you know a significant amount
some power the most you some power over you know 2x selection right right so to
speak and even Panasonic as well and LG not an insignificant climb of their own
but you can see Q cell even kind of held strong you know they did take a
little bit of a percentage hit mm-hm but they still learn they get they have
that leg up on on that market and I wouldn't if I'm if I'm guessing in 2019
I don't know if that's an exercise we're planning on doing here I'd expect Q cell right there at the top and I would expect LG to kind of hold on
against the surging Sun power if you will and Panasonic I'd be interested what
I'm really interested to see is one is there gonna be somebody who's right now
right now I don't see another panel kind of making a huge push yeah but I didn't
so what what is the what is the gap that s energy is gonna be able to close on the
rest of these these groups and is there a is there a dark horse yeah I don't
know I don't know we do there are some good models out there still fabbed is
one that i think i almost I didn't have to guess at number five so that was the
one I might have guessed that yeah so that is an American American made panel
as always feel free to ask us any questions or anything like that we'll be
happy to answer them for you during
live stream or if there's any available right now we would do that right now and
if you're thinking about going solar or looking for competing quotes or just
wanna like ballpark estimates as to how much I could save you then come to our
website you can play with our calculator and if
you want those competitive quotes then we will go and get them for you so what
we do absolutely I think that's everything for today so have a good long
Martin Luther King jr.

weekend yes yes we'll see you guys next week.

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