Best Solar Panels 2021 | Inverex, Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, Tesla, Crown Solar | WoF Digital

Best solar panel plates! Their prices & which one You Must Get! Power loss of solar panel plates! All this will be discussed in this video! If you like our work; subscribe & Share! We have already discussed 3 types of Solar Panels. You should always get Mono or bifacial perc Technology! There are dozens of companies offering solar panels. Here I will tell you TOP 5 solar panel companies. Choice & Final decision is yours. Prices are almost identical. These panel come with 25 years warranty! You can scan the barcode to verify original! All these panels generate identical Wattage & Volts. In summer they give 9 Volt DC & 42-50 Watts per hour. 70% energy is retained; 30% is always lost. This energy loss is identical in all plates. Inverex Solar Panels are most famous! They are top brand; can be found in all big cities. The price is around 40-45 PKR per watt! Example: 400 watt plate would cost PKR 12000 if price is 40 PKR/Watt. Canadian Solar is at # 2 on our list. It is made in China not made in Canada! The price is also almost same as Inverex.

These prices are of year 2021. The price of panels increase 20% each year At # 3 we have Tesla Solar Technology. It is a decent company. Crown | NS Solar are at # 4. The price is around 40 PKR per watt. Jinko Solar is at # 5 but a very good company. These 5 are my recommended companies! A pro tip! always make sure you buy genuine product. Always buy Mono Technology or bifacial perc technology ONLY! Poly & Thin Film are old technologies AVOID THEM! There is a barcode behind each panel; always verify! You are making a big investment! Always make an informed decision! Long live Pakistan!.

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