Best Solar Charger: Goal Zero Adventure Kit in Depth Review

hi I'm Jason and today I'm going to give you my review of the guide 10 plus adventure kit from goal zero as you probably already know this is a portable solar USB charging device so basically that means you can charge almost all of your mobile devices your iPhones your iPad's your Android devices GPS units mp3 players digital cameras and the like all from the power of the Sun so what's in the kit well first you'll see it's the Nomad 7 and what that is it's that's this which can includes the two solar panels and now the two panels are able to output a maximum of seven watts which is where the Nomad 7 comes into play okay the rest of the kit I'll pull it down right here in front of me so that you can see it on the backside of the Nomad 7 is this convenient little carrying case ok and inside the case you have all the accessories that come with the kit alright so first and foremost you have the guide 10 plus which is a portable battery pack that is essentially four rechargeable double-a batteries that fit into this housing and then you can use this housing to power you or use it as a backup battery for iPhones iPads Android devices things of that nature alright then next we have a 12-volt female adapter which plugs into the backside of the Nomad 7 then you have a standard USB cable which fits into the nomads are the I'm sorry excuse me the gold 0 and you have a solar cable which allows you to charge the guide 10 plus off of the Nomad 7 then obviously you have to user guides and here you have an adapter for the guide 10 plus so basically you can take your double-a batteries out and put this adapter in and now it will work with three or four triple-a batteries all right and then here on the back of the Nomad 7 is your Solar ports and as I said it has hopefully you can see the adapter for the 12 volt it has a USB and then this the port for the guide 10-plus now we're looking at the Nomad 7 and as you can see it has two solar panels that are approximately six inches wide by roughly nine inches tall this just this alone it weighs a little less than one pound so how does this work well first and foremost you have to flip it over and go to your Solar ports now I have an iPhone so if the kit did not come with the standard iPhone or Apple charger so basically what you do is you take your cable plug it into the USB port here okay flip it back over grab your phone plug it into your phone and I don't know if you hopefully you heard that but it did chirp I'll do it again unplug it so it's no longer charging and then I'll plug it back in there you go and now it's charging and so basically what you really want to do here is you really want to focus on putting your solar panels directly facing the Sun so whichever way the Sun is facing you want to have it angled at that at the Sun as best as possible because that's going to allow the solar panels to absorb as much the sunlight and charge your device as fast as possible all right so let's say you are not going to charge a phone and you instead you'd prefer to charge the guide 10 plus well so all you need is you need the guide 10 obviously you need the solar cable and the Nomad 7 basically it's pretty simple all you do is you plug this into the solar input here plug that in and then you flip it over and you look here and use the guide 10 port alright so you plug that in and now when you flip this over you can see that the light is blinking and that is indicating that it's charging now using this it takes approximately 2 to 4 hours to charge the guide 10 because it depends on how strength the Sun how much angle you have there's any clouds rolling through things of that nature so now we're going to talk about the goal 0 guide 10 plus so now the way this works is again grab your cable plug this oops plug it in the right way plug it in like that now you grab your phone and you plug this in now nothing happened that's because there is an on/off switch here and hopefully you can see it here right here this little slider indicates so you have off on and then a flashlight so you slide this over one okay there you go now we're charging and the light is green now green light mean a solid green light means that there is ample power supply to charge a device if this light turns to a solid orange that means that it's running low and it's almost depleted on power and then when it's a solid red that means that there is no more power in the guide 10 the guide 10 plus will power almost all USB devices including iPhones iPads Android devices and things of that nature however to charge an iPhone or just a standard mobile phone it will take approximately 2 to 4 hours to charge an iPhone on my test that I ran it charged the iPhone which was completely dead wouldn't even turn on to 100% in under 2 hours and off of one full charge of the guide 10 you can get between two to three full charges on the iPhone on my test I was only able to get a little over 2 now I tried running the test to charge my iPad the guide 10 was fully charged and again the iPad had no power wouldn't turn on so when I connected to after 2 hours the iPad had 19% battery and the guide 10 was completely dead so you're not going to get a full charge off of the guide Ted to charge an iPad and I'm assuming that's gonna be very similar to other tablets the other thing to note is that there is a USB input now that means that you can take the cable that came with it and you can plug this USB device here and then this end into a laptop or a desktop computer and you can charge the go the guide 10 now in my test it took approximate five and a half hours from the USB port of a desktop computer to charge the guide 10 to 100 percent on a laptop it took approximately seven hours and seven hours seems to be more in line with what goal zero says one thing I don't like about the goal zero is the fact that it does not have a percentage indicator or power meter so to speak on how much juice is left inside the guide 10 all there is is the little blinking light and to me that that seems a little a little unsettling because again you don't know how much energy is left in the device so in review I think the guide 10 plus adventure kit from goal zero is a very worthwhile investment whether you like to get off the grid and go disappear in the off in the wilderness or in the desert or wherever have you for a few days and you want to make sure you have have plenty of supply and energy to your GPS unit or your mobile phone it's great for that it's great in case there's an emergency so you lose power for a few days at your house and you will be able to charge your phone well with this you can so I think it's a very worthwhile investment and overall I think it's it's a well built well constructed well-thought-out piece of equipment and if you want you can buy them directly through gold zeros website on their site they run about a hundred and sixty dollars now if you want to do you can do what I did and I bought mine through on their site on Amazon I should say it ran for about a hundred and twenty dollars and there's a link below this video so if you want to go ahead and click that affiliate link you kit it'll be take you right to to this exact kit that I have and you can get it for roughly $120 so thanks for watching and I hope it was helpful

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