Best Loom Solar Panel System Price In India – How To Install Solar Panel Set up Connection For Home

The most important thing about solar energy is that it is a technology, not fuel. Therefore, the more it is used, the cheaper it will be, While coal, wood, petrol and fuel are there, the more they are used, the more expensive they will become. [music] Friends, in todays video, we will talk about saving electricity and making the country beautiful and healthy. You know electricity is getting expensive and our money is being spent from our pocket on those technologies which are responsible for the production of pollution like coal, wood, petrol. In such a situation, we need to use solar energy which is cheap and does not cause pollution and there is no risk of accident in it.

the states where solar energy is used the most are Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha are I have ordered solar panels from a company called Solar Loom. How does it work, and what is its specialty? I tell you this. So friends, this is loom solar company panel I got by courier There is a bill and it is enclosed in shock absorber . good packaging to protect it from breakage So .let's do unboxing [music] So see, This is India's No. one Loom Solar Panel This is monocrystalline panel which is more efficient than poly crystalline panel I have ordered for 50 watts panel [music] There is 25 years warranty card with it, panel specifications. and junction box where appliances will be connected So now we will charge it with sun energy and connect appliances with it and show the results This panel has been charged, now I am connecting DC bulbs these are 6 bulbs of 7 watt each.

very easy to set up, series or parallel connection can be used. This is parallel connection. To this junction box, positive and negative wire will be joined. very easy to connect. [music] Sun god is shining in the sky and transferring the solar power to this solar panel. Let's see if the bulbs are illuminating or not. BOOM ..see the blessing of God Sun. I have got electricity in my home without expense So, did you see the performance of solar loom panel- the India's no. 1 solar panel company? Due to monocrystalline panel, this can work in low sun light or cloudy weather. Friends, the cells are made in Germany and the panel is manufactured in India – Make in India. Its panel glass is unbreakable, that is, it does not break because it is 3.2 mm thick. Hail or jump monkey but it does not break. Its panel is of strong aluminum finish frame, which does not rust due to rain. It can be used in agriculture for water pump, drip farming, fountain farming Behind this comes a junction box in which you can connect any fan, bulb tube light, battery, motor.

With a large kilowatt panel, you can also run air conditioners, fridges, coolers. This will get you rid of tension to change the battery every three years. battery life doubles by this loom solar panel. If you have two batteries, then two panels of 375 watt each can save your 100% electricity price of solar panel is very cheap. This 50 watt is only 2500 INR. Long term benefit is that it is free, because you starts saving money. you can buy directly from loom solar company or from local dealer of your city. [music] If you want solar training, connect with loom solar company by google meet conference call every Saturday morning 10-11 So, friends, are you ready?.

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