BENNING PV 1 – Photovoltaic Installation Tester (en)

Benning offers a wide range of high-quality testers measuring instruments and safety test equipment the product range includes deuce pole voltage testers with load connection digital true rms multimeters digital current clamps and leakage current clamps appliance testers for testing electrical and medical electrical devices and installation testers for safety tests of electrical systems for the electrical testing of grid-connected photovoltaic systems in compliance with the IEC six to four four six standard Benning offers the new PV one installation tester after having switched the Benning PV one horn and after having connected the measuring lines first carry out a null balance in order to compensate the measuring line resistance for this press the null balanced key and check the null balance on the display for earthing measurement connect the red alligator clips to the main earthing connection and the black alligator clip to the module frame press the rpe key and read the measured value on the display for larger distances it is recommended to use the optionally available 40 meter measuring line Benning ta5 before starting measurements on the PV generator disconnect the generator from the inverter for this opened the DC isolator switch and disconnect the PV string cable from the inverter connect the red measuring line to the earth module frame and connect the PV string cable to the enclosed mc4 or Sun clicks test cables the benning PV one automatically detects reversed polarity shows it on the display and the further measuring process is blocked in case of correct connection the PV one automatically displays the open circuit voltage after having selected the appropriate testing voltage for insulation measurement here 500 volts press the auto key to start the fully automatic test sequence the measured values for voltage short circuit current and insulating resistance can be stored by means of the store key and can be recalled for control at any time by means of the recall function for a concluding performance test of the individual PV strings reconnect the strings to the inverter connect the Bening cc3 current measuring clamp to the pv one and compare the actual performance of the individual pv strings under identical insulation conditions the performance of the PV generators should deviate not more than five percent from each other store the individual measured values in the device and conveniently compare them by means of the recall function the power output of the PV generators is directly linked to the insulation as well as to the module and ambient temperature for the required survey and documentation of these framework conditions Benning offers the new insulation and temperature measuring instrument son to the Bening son to measures the insulation via a calibrated PV reference cell and at the same time measures the module and ambient temperature by means of two high precision sensors as additional benefit the Sun 2 is equipped both with a digital compass and with a digital inclinometer the data logger with real time clock can store 5,000 data records in the device the measured data stored in the memory of the Bening pv1 can be read out via the USB port in order to compile test records switch the Bening pv-1 on and start the enclosed solar data logger software after pressing the recall key of the device the data will be transferred automatically to your PC the data transferred can be stored in the CSV or txt format for further processing for example in Microsoft Excel as for the PV one the data are downloaded from the Bening Sun 2 by means of the same software included in the delivery with the new Bening PV one and the Bening Sun too you can test PV systems rapidly easily and in compliance with the corresponding standards

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