Battery storage lets you sell energy during peak-hours! Returns of up to 53% on your solar panels

If you purchased solar panels you should know
the benefits of adding battery storage and your options traditionally utility rates have
risen every year it's critical that solar systems be paired with energy storage to maximize
your savings by adding energy storage to your solar system you can ensure that you're protected
against utility rate changes over the life of your system under a mandatory time of use,
rates can go up and down. Why would a utility company want to raise
one rate and lower another? To understand this, let's look at how a typical
user uses power during the day. Home owners use the bulk of their power in
the morning and at night, not during the day time while the sun is up and the solar is

To combat the solar industry and increase
profits, utility companies have created an on and off peak period. At night time when demand for energy is at
it's highest, and solar is not producing, rates are at their peak. During the day, when energy demand is low,
and solar production is high, utility rates are dropping. Why isn't this a good thing? During the day, you're producing more solar
power than you're using. This excess is sold back to the utility, unfortunately,
at the lowest rate. And when you want that power back at night,
you're forced to buy it at the highest rate. This can result in a huge loss of value of
your solar system. You should be able to use your solar energy
when you need it. Semper Solaris Smart Storage is the solution. You can get the highest rate for your solar
production. You can get the highest rate for your solar
production by taking solar power that would normally go back to the grid at low rates,
and storing it until rates are high.

By intelligently using your stored power,
you can maximize your solar investment. Behind all of this technology is a software
system. This software is taking second by second data
and optimizing the interaction between your home, your solar panels, and your battery
storage system. In today's environment with utilities, smart
meters, and time of use charges, solar alone is not enough. Pairing Semper Smart Storage with solar maximizes
your investment and ensures your financial return, no matter what the utility throws
at you, so take control today and declare your energy independence..

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