Basics & Benefits of Solar Power in North Carolina

Solar works with photovoltaic
cells, more commonly known as PV modules and they are the electric generating source. Those can be installed on the ground or up on the roof of a home or business. Those are what generate what's called direct current, or DC power, down to the brain or the hub of the system
which is the inverter. An inverter inverts it from direct current
to alternating current and that is how it is fed into the home. And here in North Carolina anything beyond what the home needs at any given time is then sent back out to the grid as a credit. One of the critical pieces we install with
our system is a remote monitoring system that allows you to be able to see not only what the solar is producing but also what
your home is using.

That's a really valuable asset to know how to diagnose
what's happening in your home. If you're leaving lights on to your HVAC needing a tune-up. Your refrigerator going on the fritz. It allows you to get smarter
about how you're using energy long before that bill shows up and you have to wonder how'd it get so high. At Southern Energy Management, we have
four major design criteria. These include budget, aesthetics, goals, and energy usage. Every home is different so we use these
criteria to make sure we're providing the right custom solution for you. We're so confident in our design and install process that we guarantee the energy production of your system When we talk about the budget of a solar system, The aesthetics of the array are really important.

While we want to maximize the efficiency, we want to make sure we're installing something you're proud of. The major reasons to go solar today are
savings, energy independence, greater sustainability, and adding value to your property. Usage is important to consider in the design because it sizes the array for us. We're considering both historical as well
as future energy usage Looking at both of these allows us
to size the array properly to give you the right amount of energy production. A lot of our clients asked about what
the break-even of a solar system is. When you consider what the added value to the home is and the cost after the incentives
associated with a solar array, you've got break-even from the moment that system produces a kilowatt hour. As you consider savings with a solar array, you're considering both the short term
and long term savings associated. We look at savings on the first month
the solar array is operational, it's anywhere between $50 and $150 a month. We also see added value to the home. When a home has solar on it, it is by definition cheaper to operate and as more and more homeowners are looking for a home that's affordable they're also considering, "What are the bills going to be in this home?" and a home that has solar reducing
the energy cost of the home is by definition more valuable because the total cost of ownership of that home is lower.

When our clients are looking for energy independence, they're looking for more control over their future. They're tired of paying the electric bill on a monthly basis and they want to be able to produce their own energy and rely on their own power rather than relying on the third-party to provide that for them. We're a local company that has been here in the Triangle area for 20 years and that gives us a leg up of most all the
competition out there. Local means that we enjoy working our own backyard and we're gonna be here for the long term. If the solar market changes, we're not gonna
disappear to another state. What that means for you is that we have a strong incentive to make sure we do your project right.

Experience means we know
how to provide what you're looking for. We know what works in the short term as
well as the long term. Solar energy is a 30-year investment and we want to make sure that your system is reliable and you can count on that clean energy for the next 30 years. We're not going to try to put you in a box and sell you something that you don't want. We're gonna make sure we give you the right size system to meet your goals.

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