Ampere Load Test – 180 watts Loom solar panel on 120 AH Luminous C10 Battery – 200 watts inverter

In this video we will see the load test of 180 watts solar panel on 120 AH battery Solar panel wire is connected to DC MCB 30 Amps DC MCB is connected to Charge controller. Remember always connect the battery 1st to charge controller, then connect the solar wire 200 watts inverter is connected from the battery and output to AC MCB 10Amps Amps test from solar panel to battery 12 Amps is charging to battery from solar panel Dont keep the multimeter more than 5 seconds while checking Amps, this will heat up very soon and damage the multimeter. 20 watts AC Led lights – 3 connections. so totally 60 watts is working. If you have any doubts, please share in the comment area, ready to help. Thanks for watching..

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