American Dad: Roger Saves the Environment (Clip) | TBS

Do you have a little time
for saving the planet? No, I don't!
No, I don't! But you have time
to hide in a bush? It's important to me,
so I make the time. Pardon me,
do you want clean air? [ Horn honks ]
We're not
asking for anything! Just handing out
information! Woman: That's not a risk
I'm willing to take! Sorry, babe. I'm sure we can trick somebody
into taking a flyer. We're not trying
to trick anybody, Jeff. Really?
[ Sighs ] All I'm trying to do is
make the world a better place. Beep! Beep!
Backing up, backing up! [ Horn honks ]
you don't own the roads! Roger?
Dr. Sunny Sunderson. If you or anyone you know
is interested in going solar, fill one of these out and leave it in that
dead ficus tree on 18th Street.

I won't let the USPS
on my property 'cause I don't engage
with any business that produces
greenhouse gases. I use
no fossil fuels! "Dr. Sunny Sunderson's
SunSuckers." Wait, is this one
of your blowjob businesses? Dr. Sunny Sunderson's SunSuckers
is one of the cleanest and greenest businesses
in the world! Just loaded up
on supplies. Seaweed sheet? Wait, Roger, you really own
a solar business? Want to come see
my shop?
Might as well. What's the address?
No. You come with me
or you don't come at all. But we have Jeff's van.
No fossil fuels! [ Horn honks ]
Man: Come on,
move the tricycle, pal! This is
a recumbent bike, buddy. More like
a repugnant bike. Oh, yeah?
Well, try this on for size. [ Grunts ] Yeah,
you better run — Oh, he's not running,
he's getting out. Everyone on the bike!
Let's go! My SunSuckers
perform better than any other solar panel
on the market 'cause they don't just capture
the sun, they suck it in.

This is great. I didn't know you had
personas who cared about the greater good. Yeah, they care
so I don't have to. Hey, Dale,
how's the wife? She came back! Are you installing
my final solar panel today? Hey, I gave you
my six-month guarantee, and then a couple
of four-month guarantees, and then my famous
29-month guarantee, and I finished
only three months late. I came up with the idea
for the SunSucker while scuba diving
out in Mollusk Bay. I almost got my face ripped off
by an octopus. As it brought me
into its siphon, I thought, "What if I could
do this to the sun?" And suck it in! Exactly. Now I'm gonna use it
to turn Langley Falls completely solar. That's amazing.
[ Horn blares ] [ Screaming ] We're good.
Everyone's good.

Built it all myself, everything running
off SunSuckers, of course. This is
a real solar company. Of course it's real.
Why wouldn't it be real? It's just always so hard for me
to understand what you can do. I mean, this looks like
a lifetime's worth of work, and yet
I know yesterday, you spent the whole day as
taco inspector Feliz Nachodad. So you do understand. Now let me show you
the beads. My beautiful beads. This full tub represents
all the pollution in Langley. Each bead is 1,000 tons
of carbon dioxide. I never do anything
to add to this pile. And every time
I install a solar panel, I move one bead
to mark my progress. That's the fifth unit
I've installed in the last
2 1/2 years. And I'm not stopping
'til I fill the whole thing. But it's gonna take you
like 1,000 years to do that. Okay? And these are all customers
you don't have time to get to? I'm going
as fast as I can! Unless you know
a better route to recumbent bike cycle
into town, because that commute alone
takes up 95% of my day.

We can use Jeff's van. No fossil fuels! No, listen, it would just be
in the beginning, and in
the long run —
You're trying
to trick me. I will not
be tricked again! I was on the Bell Labs crew
that designed the first commercial
silicon solar cell in 1954. I had big dreams,
the kind of dreams I would never
share with you. Like what dreams? Like a giant needle to the sky
with a SuperDuperSunSucker on top
that could power an entire town.

Hey, I said I wasn't gonna
share my dreams with you. Last time somebody promised
to help me, I was tricked into
accidentally designing the F-350 Super Duty truck
for Ford Motor Company. We're not
trying to trick you. Really? I work alone now,
just like the sun. But don't you see? That's why
the sun is so sad. Someday I'll find someone
to share this life with. Why can't you see me?.

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