Alternate Current Solar Panel Part 1

hi thanks for watching on with China and heavy to zero one three all right Happy New Year and as promised I say that to cont hope you are very exciting yeah and this video is the first video for to zero and three and but I show you something that is I think it's quite exciting for the industry alright as you can see this probably is someone you might recognize you might think this is a you know handle what compact series mono crystalline solar panel but in fact actually this is not this is something completely new and first of its kind as oh you have a way that is that this solar panel is actually only producing direct current with a voltage from you know seventeen-b – you know 72v you know some panel are 17 to 18 v some panel is 34 to 36 and some some solar panel is 70 to be alright and it's a direct current and DC power but this panel actually don't produce DC power but it produce counter current AC power for example alright this panel okay as you can see we call it as alternate current solar panel okay this panel will producing a 240 V see 50 Hertz you know kind of power but of course this panel actually is designed for Malaysia only it's not for us because us is using 110v AC and some of the paddle was doing 220v AC but this prototype of this alternate current or AC solar panel especially is produced for Malaysia and is the first prototype and it will produce a lot I mention 240v AC 50 Hertz alright as you can see down there there is a back of the panel come up with a cable and with three pins socket alright okay I'm just gonna go ahead and grab the drippings okay okay some of you might think this is you know a kind of joke alright a joke how can a solar panel with a three pin socket are this kind of you know a joke of two zero one three or is a a perfect no this is not alright this is an alternate current solar panel and what is designs actually is end-user all right can put a panel on the roof or anyway there is sunlight and the solar panel are the alternate current solar panel will produce will generate the power you know from the Sun and then produce an alternate current current and straightway you will you know go inside to agree all you have to do is actually is to plug this three pin socket to a power point and the solar panel will generate the power and then you know go inside to your grid alright so poppy I will show you the back of the solar panel okay it's a very straightforward with a junction box and then with a bunch of cable for this photo type we put in roughly about 10 meter long of cable and three pins okay as you can see this is G type tripping socket that is using Malaysia yeah I think quite similar to the UK so care yeah so the back of the panel okay straight away we atropine's okay so all you can do is actually in straight away this you know you can plot finally PowerPoint at your home piece the source or factory and just plug it in when the Sun come out the solar cell will generate the power all right and producing an AC power and straight away you know go inside to the grip just like this one yeah and you can you know just punching alright to your grip and you know to your home to your businesses okay okay this so as to zero one three moving forward so we do you know solar panel factory also a panel producer or you know om maybe need to be more innovative and a better way you know to do solar power yeah the old traditional way like for example like you need to have a lot of panels and you know you need to have expensive inverter alright and mounting key and of course a very labor-intensive of you know installation and things like that yeah so moving forward I will urge all this solar panel manufacturer to think innovatively maybe you know just start with a direction where by let's start with something more straightforward more simple all right for example like this alternate current solar panel is one of the way if manufacturer produce the panel straight we can you know generate the AC power and end-user straight away you know can just plug into the socket and sure we you know generate power and get the power from the Sun this will be much simpler mass cost-effective and you know this will change the industry forever and in a short while probably our just you know show you some example how this thing worked and is a pretty much very straightforward okay right outside the window so just place in the window and connect the AC panel direct to an energy meter and plug into a PowerPoint oh yeah powers okay all right as you can see that simple and I could probably zoom in and show you how many what is produce right now it's roughy you know producing roughly about 42 watt this is low because to reserva reason is quite a lean here it's roughly about 9:00 a.m.

in the morning and the biggest reason why the power generation is so low is because the solar panel actually is placed vertically instead of horizontally so that's why you can't really get the sunlight all right of course if you place this horizontally and you definitely get more power all right so it's straightforward.

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