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and now here he is the one they are honey what channels the show on I have it on NBC all right hold on which one was NBC 3 okay I got it get the kids come on it's about to start girls coming to you live from the broadcast studios of NBC the world's first globe wide color broadcast using the latest technologies from our new earth union scientists it's the launch of Phoenix 1 today is June 14th 1949 I am Bob Fitch and I'll be your host this evening as we first look back before this historic space rocket launch the great wars in Europe end of the Pacific ended only three years ago then on May 29th 1945 the earth Union was formed by almost all the great nations during a summit held at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands since then we've been taken on a whirlwind tour in worldwide quest for space technology it has not been an easy road the path has been paved with a dozen failures as our earth Union Space Agency scientists learned to master this new technology but despite all the failures the e USA promises that today will be different today we shall see the first launch of an artificial moon around the earth I'm in the launch control center here in San Francisco of the district of the United States and the launch personnel around me say that they are very optimistic wait wait yes in fact yes I'm receiving word now they believe all systems are go yes yes indeed we are all go for the launch the Phoenix one is of course sitting on the pad in Mogadishu Somalia according to our experts here in San Francisco Eddie yousa headquarters Mogadishu was selected as the launch site because of its proximity to the equator apparently the spin of the earth itself will act to give the rocket a boost of speed as it lifts off and the close proximity to the equator will give it a greater boost as compared to all other possible locations on earth also future satellites are being designed to launch into very high orbits around Earth and at equator they will provide new capabilities in transcontinental Communications and television broadcasts by starting at the equator they will have an advantage to reaching the high altitudes that will be required but now I'm getting word to the launches beginning let's watch as this historic launch gets underway greetings kerbin odds this is crippled space program I'm Bob Fitch and this is episode number one of project Ares this is the sequel to projects Gateway and Odyssey so spoiler warning I'm going to quickly tell you what has already happened in those series just in case you haven't seen them before so here we go an energy experiment went haywire and caused a rip in the Kerbal space time allowing plans for the real ISS from earth to slip from our dimension into the Kerbal dimension the kerbals used those plans to build a small-scale replica of the station believing that it had something to do with dimensional travel or time travel but before they could truly discover what the ISS was supposed to be used for an anomaly caused the Kerbal Sun to supernovae which shifted the space center into another dimension to get home and save their universe the kerbals needed to put together two pieces of an ancient artifact to gain control over the time rifts they succeeded and used their new power to go back in time to change their history and prevent the destruction of their Sun the energy experiment never exploded and their universe was saved so what happens next what happens now that they can continue their work in safety well I'll let them tell you the story themselves okay are we ready to do this yes sir wanna just me on your word okay do it shut it down shut it down so that was the same thing as the other tries right yes sir every time we do it there's some kind of energy feedback all right shut it all down don't run anymore experiment until I get a chance to look over the results will be distributed later today and tomorrow we'll begin the full integration on the second half the day after that we'll be ready for the first launch test alright that sounds good but be sure the level 3 protocols are in place first ah here comes Bob with the update on his energy experiments grants bill good day let's wait for Jeff though I saw him in the hall so he should be coming now gentlemen okay I'll start basically the result of my analysis is I think we've discovered something extraordinary here computer bring up analysis anomaly alpha as you can see here the energy fluctuations show that what's happening each time we activate the device is micro black holes are forming and just beyond the event horizon there are tiny wormholes into an alternate dimension we've actually been kind of lucky I think it seems from all of my calculations that they should have erupted possibly tearing the fabric of space-time between our dimension and some of these other dimensions we're in contact with I don't know what's stabilizing the field but something's going on here we should investigate this a little more what do you think might be the result we keep poking this dimensional membrane if I were to guess I'd say we're on the verge of making contact with possibly intelligent life in another reality as long as we can keep the field contained and it looks like we can I think we should be safe all right then continue with the investigations so this is it yes sir this will be the main control center the hub of all decisions about the Gateway and the field has remained stable by applying 1.21 jigowatts exactly to the flux capacitor were able to stabilize the interdimensional portal there are signs of temporal reversion around the event horizon but we compensate temporal reversion the signs of time travel but who did the time-traveling it could be anyone might have even been us that would explain the additional field stability that we can't identify so you're saying we travel back in time to stabilize our own field it would make sense and we don't remember it because the timeline is different okay I get it anyway we compensate for that with a highly focused tachyon beam directed at the aperture and you're sure we've made contact with something on the other side yes sir we don't have a visual yet to know what but we do have audio and it appears there are beings with language though we don't understand them yet okay well we can get that figured out on our we have recruits and applicants coming in tomorrow for interviews have we decided who's going to lead the project yet I was thinking my brother Joseph oh I didn't know you had a brother he's a civilian scientist great well I guess we'll see who else we can get tomorrow and maybe someone can help us translate this language or or listener we're ready to begin the last round of testing this is the final round the three days of testing you've just been through have whittled the field down to just 42 remaining candidates your group is the last who will take this final test and after that we'll select just 12 to be part of the Gateway program before we begin I'll take roll call odd here Greg come here Tesla here mandra here Svetlana yes sir Tim OVA present and Valentina or or everyone take a station will rotate through until everyone has had a chance at every station this round of testing will take six hours it will be broken up into phases in Phase one you'll be put through a series activate protocol three check we have a problem with the inducers run program beta 3 running fire in the chamber beta 3 reports critical error 42 we're losing containment to face containment field well first simulation seems to be going about as well as can be expected who's in this one again let's see Joseph he's the leading candidate to run the project we also have a new group from the other Space Center his name is Sergey it's good to see how this anomaly project is bringing together the two sides I agree and last we have Hadfield a pilot from the Kurd and the sector ok kerbals let's begin you all know me by now I'm Krantz Kermit global operations director with me today is Joseph who you should also know by now has been assigned as Regional Director of the Gateway project I'll be at the global headquarters so Joseph will be in charge of you here I will therefore turn this briefing over to him Joseph oh thank you Krantz ok look around you folks you're the best of the best as you know Bob uncovered a dimensional portal to another universe and we intend to explore it there are beings on the other side and just this morning we have established peaceful communications with them they are called cool mods they seem to be similar to us though 2/3 larger in size if you would direct your attention to the screen we can show you a short video that shows what we know so far first we open the wormhole to establish a communications link there seems to be many factions of humans so we have much to learn about them after making contact with them we sent this image to introduce ourselves they seem to have understood it because they sent this back we've also managed to pick up this broadcast from one of their factions although we are not sure if this is the same faction we've made contact with sir to the factions have names – what names do we know so far who we contacted those are great questions yes each faction seems to have a separate name the one we've established contact with so far seems to be called Deutsche ma'am we're detecting it again the temporal Distortion yes ma'am let me get accessing so there's definitely a time differential that yes ma'am but what does this mean that means that the time here is moving slower than over there what feels like a few days here can be months for that well we already knew we'd have to get used to talking to many different humans they only live a hundred years or less from what info they've given us so far it's so weird I don't know how they can get anything done with such short lives dr.

Joseph come in this is Joseph go ahead stay in your office I'm coming to you with something to discuss okay Bob I'm not going anywhere it's about the who months or more more specifically Joey J they seem to has been milani by us they said they were sharing our technology their world but we now have reason to believe they've been using it to develop weapons to attack other factions computer cancel remote communication mode computer bring up the human map this shows the layout of their factions and based on broadcasts we've been intercepting we do not believe they are as peaceful as we were initially led to believe computer-run who mine the history file 237 this shows that their initial attempts to make use of our technology went about as you'd expect but keep watching yes we can't have our tech being used for war it was meant for their entire planet for all the factions assemble the team we need to make a new plan okay everyone let's get right to it as you know two weeks ago we started getting the disturbing images you can see on the screen above me the Deutsch a faction was not sharing our tech with all factions on their planet and some of our tech is even being used to wage a war it has been spreading across their group we can't allow that so we're not going to leave this room until we've decided on a solution okay that's the plan everyone knows what to do next so let's get to work I'd like to take a moment to congratulate everyone here for a job well done thanks to all of you let's look at how far we've come we have a device capable of translating all human languages we've made contact with every human factions government although they have yet to reveal our presence to all their people I understand their concern and I have faith that in time when their populace is ready to hear the news they will reveal us to them their global war is coming to an end and best of all inspired by our own planets form of government they have begun to form a global government of their own they appear to be calling themselves the earth Union right now our next step is to open the wormhole enough to allow small amounts of matter to pass through and eventually send a Kerbal to their world let's focus research on that now and see if we can get someone through within the next two years they have a whole new universe ready for us to explore over there okay remember it's the year 1947 for the humans so they've had almost ten of their years to get used to the idea of us but their general public still doesn't know so keep yourself out of sight for now the world government has created a special division for dealing with us called the earth Union Space Agency you'll be meeting with their representatives in a place called Mexico no wait New Mexico what was wrong with the old Mexico nothing at all in fact it's a great country I think the humans just make backups of everything they like York Zealand Jersey England Orleans they do it a lot anyway they have a remote site ready for your arrival and the temporal shifting is fixed you mean the incident last week yes we caused an explosion in what they call Russia right yes due to the time shifting the explosion was actually back in time by 30 years from their point of view but we have the time trip accounted for now and we're sure you'll arrive in there 1947 okay that's good good luck we'll contact you as soon as you're through are we getting back had fields telemetry yet yes sir but it was distorted we think we can account for the shift next time we send someone but this time there was another slight explosion not as bad as what we caused him Russia was it no sir not even close but it did bring down one of the unmanned experimental crafts they built from the plans we sent them they were hovering it nearby to film our arrival anyone hurt no humans were hurt Hadfield was knocked out maybe a few scrapes but he seems okay overall they took him to a nearby facility and were advising them on how to treat him medically all right overall not too bad then not at all though there is a concern the explosion the craft and Hadfield were all witnessed by some of their public are we using the same coverage exploded overhead like we did in Russia no their military is claiming it was a weather balloon in swamp gas and assures us that their populace will easily fall for that cover story okay good I guess I'll go and report to Joseph then Joseph Hadfield is through he was bumped and bruised by the trip but the funny thing is that since time moves faster there than here he probably already got better just in the time it took me to come over here and tell you that yes that's fine I got an update on the politics of their planet I wanted to let you know the new Earth Union and their earth Union Space Agency has worked out an agreement with us since we have the space Dec the knowledge the longer lifespans the more durable bodies and less mass we'll be doing all the exploration of their universe they'll provide us with whatever materials and production facilities we beat and all their best scientists from across their whole globe are ready to assist us in learning the physics of their world in return we need to share all our discoveries with them and build all bases and stations the Humam scales so that they can send personnel to them after we're done using them they also have a few particular missions they want us to undertake such as setting global communications and positioning satellites exploring their planets moon and an inner planet they called Mars honestly we'd probably have been doing all that anyway sounds like a good deal so ready a full team we're going to send a full complement of kerbals through and get this endeavor started immediately good luck everybody we'll be right behind you don't worry all the kinks have been worked out he'll arrive right where we want marm hall is charged sir all right everybody Group one if you're not ready to depart speak now activate wormhole send through Grover one godou it's our turn let's do this so this is a real solar system series but the curve balls have altered the human time line by introducing advanced technology to the allies of World War two that caused the war to end sooner and now scientific discovery as at an all-time high across earth the humans have formed a new worldwide governing body called the earth Union lots of what we believe to be history has already changed and even more will change as we go forward with the series a bunch of the crew we know from Gateway and Odyssey have gone through a portal to earth and are secretly helping the new government develop space exploration technology from a secret base in New Mexico of what used to be the United States of America the kerbals will use the technology themselves but also build it to human sizes so that humans can have it all when the kerbals are done exploring it's a win-win for kerbals and humans kerbals get to explore and humans get new advances in science medicine and technology the space agency is located in San Francisco and the new world government sits in Rotterdam on the coast in the Netherlands the first launch site is in Mogadishu Somalia and the first space link to my remote tech network is just a few kilometers north up the coast generally speaking I'll be trying to make a 20-minute episode once a week releasing every Monday unless I'm on vacation or if I'm making a new project Alexandria because those take a long time to make now this one has been a little longer since it's the first of this series but we're going to end it now so next time I'll explain more about this new world this first launch and our general mission objectives so until next time I will see you later urban odds you

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